Little Ways to Boost The Work Productivity in Your Office

Life ain’t all about working, but at the end of the day you have to do it to be able to do the rest of the good things in life. But why work more hours, longer into the night or more often than you need to? Improving your output can be achieved by either putting in more hours or working more efficiently when you are there, and let’s face it we all want to be in work less. It isn’t hard to work more productively but it can be hard to know what to do to make sure that happens, from working tips to a productive environment setup with the best furniture from suppliers such as Office Reality. That’s why we are here to help! We are going to look at little ways to boost the work productivity in your office. 

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Breaks and Pomodoro 

It sounds like procrastination but taking regular breaks when you are working actually aids your efficiency and productivity. By taking regular breaks from your desk and work, you can actively come back to the job at hand and achieve it way more efficiently than if you were sitting at your desk the whole day slogging it out and losing concentration. In order for you to regulate this balance between breaks and working, many use the Pomodoro Technique. Typically using a traditional tomato timer (you can use your phone or anything now), this method of working involved 25 minutes of work followed by a short 5 minute break completely away from the desk or work. This means going to make a coffee or a quick walk. Then repeat this for 4 times before taking a longer 15-30minute break. This regulates a solid balance between working and breaks and allows for an increased productivity in the office. Whilst it is not foolproof, many swear by this technique in boosting efficiency.  

Work when productive 

This sounds a bit silly, but working when you are productive is so important to boosting your productivity in the office. Throughout the day you are going to have peaks and lulls in your working ethic. This means, when you do have those peaks you should try and make the most of them by incorporating a lot of work into that time as it won’t last. This notion is particularly prominent now many are working from home as increased distractions from the TV to kids running about can cause a lack of focus. So when focus does come, utilising it to its fullest is a surefire way of boosting that productivity. 

Doing something hard first 

In the same ilk as working when product, doing something hard first is a good notion to increase your productivity. After all, working is all about managing your time the most effectively to finish a given task. By delaying the solid, hard or confusing work to the end of the day and doing the easy work first, you are only going to prolong the agony. Instead, look to try and solve the hard problems first when you are more alert and efficient, leaving yourself the easier tasks later on in the day. This will also help to improve your mood as you accomplish the hard things more easily and avoid any unnecessary dread. 



Whilst this list is by no means extensive and there are numerous other methods you could use to boost your productivity including exercise, technology management and rearranging meetings, this list alone should be helpful in starting to boost your productivity slightly at work. By following these first steps you can look to improve your efficiency and then hopefully work on other additional techniques in the future. After all, you want to finish the working day and then have time to do the stuff that you actually enjoy!