How to Maximize Office Space with A Multi-Function Printer

As time goes by, inventions have brought about a great deal of positive change in the way we do the things. New technologies have either been able to save us time, money and even space.   Gone are the days when the only thing you could do with a cell phone is to make calls.

Today you can receive mails, get news updates, have access to social media, and do a whole lot of incredible stuff if you own a cell phone with an internet connection. Obviously, we live in a world of multi-functioning devices.

A major challenge most companies face is that of having enough space for smooth running. Imagine having a scanner, fax machine, and a photocopying machine all in an office space. It would obviously be packed up and subsequently would hinder maximum productivity. Better still, some companies don’t have enough space or office furniture to accommodate staff and bulky documents.

This challenge has brought about new wave expectations from managers as they now want office equipment to perform more than just one operation or better still be integrated with other devices so that its function can be maximized. The answer to this puzzle is purchasing a multifunction printer.  Let us see ways in which we can maximize office space with the use of an MFP.

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  • Place at a Strategic Position

The positioning of your multi functioning printer in the working environment matters a lot. Place the multifunction printer in an approximately close positioned to all staff that would need it, preferably, let it be at an arm’s length so they won’t have to keep standing up and sitting down before they can use it. 

If you have just one multifunction printer available for work, it is recommended that the working space of your company is an open space. That way, everybody in need of the multi-function printer will be able to access it.

  • Only Print Documents When Needed

The timing of printed documents matters a whole lot when it comes to maximizing office space. It would be counterproductive if you decide to print every document instantly because some may not be needed immediately. 

For example, a construction company does not have to print a building plan for a client until the client is physically around to get it. Since there is a multi-functional printer on standby in the office space that does the printing swiftly, you will be unnecessarily crowding your office space with papers if you print and keep them in files.

  • Get All Staffs Familiar with its Multitasking Features.

A multifunction printer is useful to a good percentage of your staff, if not all. Give all staff proper orientation as to the usage of this multi-functional equipment. This is more than just a printing and copying machine.

Let them know how the printer can help them manage documents, fax, scan emails to clients and associates, and be clear about important details such as how many users would be assigned to a machine While at it, let them know that one of the major reasons why you purchased it is to maximize your working space.

Also, give them a few hints as to how they can maximize office space (for example getting rid of unnecessary papers) by making use of the multi-functional printer. When your staff are aware of the purpose the machine serves, they are inclined to work with the purpose in mind.

  • Employ Remote Workers

Not every staff member in your company necessarily has to be physically present. When you look carefully into your organization, you would realize that some of your staff can actually work from home. 

Look out for staff who could work from home and have them forward documents to the office as at when due. You can trust your multi functioning printer to be able to help receive fax messages, print and scan documents as at the time you need them.

You might be worried that your staff might relax and not put up an impressive performance if they are left to work from home. You can tackle this challenge by giving them targets to meet. When they are aware that they have a deadline to beat, they would be up on their toes even though they are working remotely.

Getting a workspace large enough to take care of organizational activities especially in densely populated cities is increasingly becoming a challenge for most establishments. Multifunctioning devices are being designed on a daily basis to meet this challenge. A multi-functioning printer is a good example of this.

You will be doing your company a great deal of good and making maximum use of your office space if you purchase a multifunction printer and apply all the tips earlier mentioned. Ultimately, you will increase the productivity level of your staff.