Moving in the New Normal: Tips for Safe Moving

Moving is something you cannot ignore. When the time comes for you to move, you have to relocate. In the new normal, Covid-19 has added an extra layer of concern. You need to be observant and try as much as you can to stay isolated.

However, moving is a team effort. You need to involve your friends or hire commercial movers to help you move. So, it might be a big challenge to stay isolated all the time. Happily, when you hire professional movers, they always ensure the crews are healthy, vaccinated, and practice Covid-19 precautions. 

But everyone needs to be careful and alert. This is because a simple cough or sneeze can lead to two-week quarantine. 

The good news is that you can safely relocate to this new normal if you follow a few simple rules. Below are 10 helpful tips from professional movers for safe moving.

10 Tips for safe moving in the new normal

1. Get a virtual estimate

Nowadays, it is possible to get a virtual estimate from a moving company. This means you can search, interview, and recruit a professional mover online. You do not need to visit their office to get estimates. 

In addition, a video call allows you to walk through the house and the mover on the end will be able to evaluate your needs. Then, he or she will offer an estimate without stepping into your house. In some cases, you may be required to measure and send measurements for large pieces of furniture. 

After the video call, the professional mover will be able to determine the number of trucks and manpower needed. This is one of the best ways to ensure Covid rules are followed. 

2. Wear masks

Packing, wrapping, and moving household items involve a lot of people. For example, when moving your office stuff, you may involve your family members, friends, or office movers. 

To be safe, make sure everyone masks up. Whether you are working with close friends or family members, ensure everyone is masked. Happily, many comfortable cloth masks are easy to wear and breathable. 

3. Step out regularly to take a breather

Packing and moving household items is not a simple process. You need to rest regularly. Therefore, when you need to take off the mask to take a breather, the best way to be safe is to step outside. 

Another option is for groups to take breaks together. However, they need to be 6 feet apart when the masks are off. This is one of the best ways to lower the mask heat frustrations. 

4. Work in separate rooms

If you have involved friends or movers, you can have teams working in separate rooms. When you split a room, you split work as well. Also, it will be a great tip for safe moving in the new normal. 

5. Clean as you go

Another important tip you need to observe is cleaning as you go. When you are done with a specific room, clean the area. Also, when you move a box, appliance, or furniture, wipe the surrounding area. 

Also, clean high-touch areas such as tables, counters, doors, and handles. Make sure you wipe these areas many times throughout the day. 

6. Plan your stops

Once you are done with packing, the next step is moving your items. Since the road trip is important, you need to plan ahead. You need to minimize exposure to other people when moving. 

Therefore, plan ahead where to stop for lunch, drinks, gas, and for the night if it is a long-distance move. If you will spend a night in a hotel, make sure you pre-book. Happily, many hotels offer online and mobile booking. 

7. Keep a distance and stay masked

When you make stops, make sure you keep a distance and stay masked. Also, avoid any crowded places such as eateries, stores, and pubs. You can avoid these places by taking your meals in an open area or eating inside your car. 

8. Pack drinks, snacks, and antibacterial wipes

One way to make your long-distance move smooth and safe is to have things such as drinks and snacks well-packed. This will ensure you do not visit many stores along the way. Also, make sure you have enough fresh bottled water. 

Another important thing you need is antibacterial wipes. The wipes will ensure you wipe your hands and things as you move.

9. Arrive early

When moving to a new home, you need to make sure that the place is safe. Therefore, get there before the moving truck. Ensure that all the utilities are on, your AC is working well, and the rooms are clean and ready for you and your family to move in. 

10. Set-up unloading areas

Another important tip to observe is establishing unloading areas. You need one or more areas where boxes and furniture will be kept. It is also an excellent way to unload your belongings fast and efficiently. 

Do not forget to take breaks to catch breathers. Unloading and unpacking is another tedious task. Also, when unloading the trucks and unpacking, make sure everyone is wearing a mask. 

Final Word

Moving during the Covid period is not as hard as it appears. However, many things have changed. For instance, it is not possible to be crowded in one room or be in a public place without a mask. But with a few adaptations and planning, you can manage to move safely. 

If you are planning to move, make sure you follow the above tips to ensure you and your family are safe. Hiring professional movers is a good way to make money without worries.