How Much Revenue Do Casinos Make With Their Clients?

Many people ask themselves the question, “How much does a casino actually earn?”. This question is of course not easy to answer and depends on many different factors. One must consider where the casino is located. Do the visitors rather have a high average income and can they afford to spend a lot?

In a casino in rich Monte Carlo, for example, the stakes are significantly higher than in the rural casino around the corner or on the net and where we are already at Internet casinos. The LeoVegas Casino convinces with its high payout values, interesting promotions and is only one click away.

How well is the casino visited? More guests naturally mean more turnover. Many popular holiday resorts often have particularly well visited casinos, because the vacationers have time there and the money is also a little looser. So you can see directly, a real answer with exact numbers is difficult to give, because these numbers often do not need to be published.

The machines in the LeoVegas Casino often have a RTP of 96%. That means 4% of the stake remains the casino as a profit. From this 4% profit, however, the expenses and taxes must still be paid. 

Since for some of the land-based casinos, these payments are not so easily visible, we focus in this article on some other interesting facts and tricks how the casinos with the players earn their money and increase sales:


There are rarely clocks on the walls

The casinos work with many tricks to get the players to spend as much money as possible. One of the most famous and obvious tricks is to take away the players’ sense of time. So you will hardly find a clock on the wall in any casino. In many casinos the windows are darkened, or sometimes there are no windows at all. So you don’t notice how the time passes and sometimes play until the early morning hours.

There is always a new way to win

As soon as you get up from the roulette table to take a short break, you are already confronted with the next game. On the way to the toilet one encounters several scoreboards with the current jackpots and if one wants to leave the casino, one first has to go through a labyrinth of slots and machines, where one can quickly get rid of the last change.

Especially in hours after midnight many people get tired and actually want to go home already. But exactly at this time there is often a lottery for which one got some free tickets before. This tempts many people to add another hour and play a little more until the time finally comes.

Instead of cash there are chips

This is probably one of the best tricks of all. The chips often make you forget about the real value of the bets and you are inclined to risk more. If you want to leave the casino then there is an additional hurdle. The chips must first be exchanged again. If you only have a few chips left, it often seems easier to play them than to wait in a long queue at the cashier. Simple but effective.

There are free drinks

In many casinos gives free drinks for all players. These cost the casino almost nothing, but the increasing consumption of alcohol cheers up the mood. And not only the mood is loosened, but also the wallet at the same time.

The illusion of control

You can choose which game you want to play and in many of the games you can even make your own decisions. This contributes to the impression that you can influence the outcome of the game. In the end, however, pure chance decides whether you win or lose.


Often it is difficult to say how much a casino earns in the end, as there are many different factors involved. But one thing is certain. They have countless tricks in store to get the hard earned money.

At the online casinos can of find out how much they earn easier. If the casino is on the stock market, all profits are publicly visible and can be found on the Internet. A digital gambling provider, such as the LeoVegas Casino often makes a double-digit million amount of profit per year. However, this is one of the largest providers and not all casinos print so much money.