Supply Chain to Revamp the Businesses Post COVID-19 Era

As the COVID-19 pandemic is taking slow turns globally, the world is now preparing for a refurbished strategy to strengthen the globalised supply chain network. As per a survey by McKinsey and Company, about 93% of surveyed senior supply chain executives told them that they are looking to make supply chains more resilient, agile and flexible.

However, this is worthy to note that as per a 2020 survey by the same, different industries have responded with different strategies to cope with challenges. Hence, the world is moving at a pace to bounce back from the pandemic, and the job market has a substantial chance of booming. Thus, to succeed in a supply chain management career, it is the perfect time for certification to learn necessary skills and prove the interest to enter the supply chain domain. 

Supply Chain in Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Like other businesses genre, as mentioned, supply chain management will reform itself in coming years. By emphasising factors such as innovation, diversification of supply base, understanding vulnerabilities and risks, major enterprises are looking to beat the incurred backlash of the pandemic. Thus, to understand every iota of the supply chain, individuals must opt for a supply chain management course to succeed in the domain. 

  1. Injecting Innovation 

As supply chain firms are looking to relocate to a more economically stable part of the world, bringing in some innovations is imperative. This will create more opportunities for individuals with supply chain analytics certification. A few of those innovations include – 

  • Additive Manufacturing: This innovative technology will use the 3D printing method and will increase the efficiency of creating complex shapes in higher quantities.
  • Continuous Flow Manufacturing: This will increase the flexibility for small-molecule generic drugs by making the manufacturers more independent from active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).
  • New Processing Technology: The latest equipment for chemical manufacturing is more energy-efficient and produces less waste. Apart from this, it is less expensive and allows biopharmaceutical companies to create products at an affordable rate. 
  • Automation: Most of the work in a supply chain domain is being automatised as social distancing is mandatory in most factories. However, due to its flexibility, this innovation is not going to end soon. Thus, for individuals seeking a rewarding career in the supply chain domain, a supply chain management course will provide them with circumstantial details. 
  1. Diversification of Supply Base

The complete dependency of business in a particular country can harm a company considerably in unavoidable circumstances. This factor is exposed ruthlessly by this COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, most enterprises are looking to add more sources under their belt to mitigate blocks in the supply chain in the future. Thus, a supply chain management career can reward one with positive challenges to solve for the future.

  1. Identifying Vulnerabilities  

Understanding and mitigating hidden risks of the supply chain are among the fundamental objectives of a professional. This will allow locating vulnerabilities beforehand and likely impede less risk for the enterprises. Also, it is essential to note and map risks for a strategic solution. A supply chain analytics certification will allow individuals to learn about the industry from the inside for a better understanding. 

Thus, from the lessons from the pandemic, it is evident that every industry is going to implement specific changes in future. Moreover, as per a survey by McKinsey and Company, surveyed industries such as commodities, healthcare, advanced electronics and high tech, consumer and retail, chemicals and advanced minerals, automotive, aerospace and defence, construction, engineering and infrastructure are planning to invest in supply chain advanced analytics during the COVID-19 crises. Hence, the supply chain management career objectives are myriad, and this is by far the perfect time to jump into this sector.