Take a Look at How Common Branding Items Are Made

There is no better way to create a good impression with customers and potential clients than with a gift. Not only is it a token of your appreciation, but it’s a great opportunity to give them an item with your brand on it to leave a lasting positive impression. 

But before you invest in a branded item, make sure you’re delivering quality. It’s important to understand how the most common branded items are made and what sets the most successful ones apart. Here are some of the most common branded items and everything you need to know about how they’re made. 


Pens are a good choice for budget-conscious businesses. Not only is your client likely to use it often in a pinch, but they can be bought in bulk and distributed to everyone who comes into your office. It’s a great opportunity to hand it to someone when they fill out paperwork. 

However, pens are also meant to be disposable—so make sure your pen won’t stop working quickly and only annoy the customer. In understanding how pens are made, you’ll have some decisions about design to make. Do you want it to be refillable? Do you want a ballpoint design? Pen manufacturers can help you sort these questions out. 


Another item your customers are likely to get a lot of use out of is a cup. These can easily become part of your regular household routine, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But be careful—nothing makes a worse first impression than a cup that breaks or leaks. 

You’ll want to focus on durability with cups, so something that’s molded in one piece can be both cost-conscious and reliable. Consider something easily washable, and if your customers are coffee fans, a thermal cup that will insulate hot or cold drinks while staying leak-proof can be an ideal choice.


Why not turn your customers into a walking billboard? Promotional clothing is great because they’ll be wearing your brand as an advertisement on a regular basis. Keep it simple, with standard sizing that can fit multiple body types. Durable, machine-washable material is ideal. 

If you’re going for more specialty products for a limited number of customers, like visitors to a premiere conference, you’ll want to put more thought into the design. Make sure to keep sustainability in mind—both to ensure a durable design and a minimal environmental impact for your company. 


If you want to leave a strong impression on tech-savvy guests, giving them a proprietary piece of technology with your brand on it will definitely win you some friends. Some common items include phone chargers, cases, and protectors, along with speakers and adapters to make it easier to connect on the go.

Be careful—this is an ambitious choice, and that means more area to fall flat. If you give your customers a cheaply made or faulty branded item, it might hurt your business in the long run. Make sure to think about your customers and their concerns before investing in a high-tech project. An environmentally friendly option like solar-powered speakers can give you good press on multiple levels. 


If you want your guests to get some use out of your branded item immediately, bags are perfect. They can immediately use the bag to carry around the rest of their event swag, and there are many types to choose from. But picking a sustainable bag has a few more variables. 

You’ll want to make sure the bag is made with sustainable or recycled materials to minimize your company’s carbon footprint. Also do some research into which features your customers will value, and ensure those are included in the final design. 


If your event is in the summer, you want to make sure your guests are protecting their eyes. Sunglasses are typically one-size-fits-all and don’t require specific lenses, so it’s possible to mass-produce them for easy distribution at the event. 

Make sure these sunglasses are durable. They’re surprisingly easy to crack when they get sat on or stepped on, and this can be a hassle and a safety hazard. Also make sure the company you work with is aware of proper design on factors like UV protection and glare resistance.

Success in Branded Items

Every time someone leaves your event or store with a branded item, that’s a chance to boost your brand. A simple item can become a major push for your company. Following these simple tips will help you leave a lasting positive impression.