The 6 Best Jobs for People Without Experience

Individuals with little or no previous relevant professional experience are considered entry-level candidates. Enthusiastic, motivated candidates are in high demand for entry-level positions. Depending on your skills, background, and interests, the options available to you are many if you do not have previous experience.

Part time jobs without experience

This article examines what employers mean when they say “no experience required” and offers examples of entry-level jobs.

1. Admin assistant (15.30 hours per hour, national salary)

Administrators perform office duties under the supervision of a manager or an executive. The employee might organize paperwork, take phone calls and emails, handle scheduling, and help with company projects. High school diplomas, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees are commonly required for part-time jobs like these roles.

The position may be a good fit for you if you are interested in working in a corporate environment but do not have much experience. An administrative assistant can advance to office manager, administrator, executive assistant, or human resource specialist with experience and training.

2. Pharmacist (National salary: $16.13 per hour)

Techs work in pharmacies filling and labeling prescriptions for customers and healthcare providers. Organizers may also process health insurance claims, file patient information, and catalog inventory. If you have taken pharmacy technology courses in high school or college or have a high school diploma, you might be eligible for work as a pharmacy technician. Typically, new pharmacy technicians must pass the pharmacy technician certification exam and learn on-the-job skills.

3. Firefighter (National average salary: $44,491 per year)

The primary duties are strenuous but rewarding, and a high school diploma is usually all that is needed. You may be more attractive to employers if you have training in emergency services since this career involves providing basic medical care to injured individuals. Besides using heavy equipment, firefighters must also handle emergencies such as wildfires and hazardous materials spills. These tasks can be trained on the job by entry-level firefighting jobs that don’t require experience.

4. Claims adjuster (National average salary: $59,275 per year)

Insurance companies employ claim adjusters to assess property damage and injuries. They often interview injured parties, review records, and assess damages. The job of a claims adjuster involves assisting a company in determining whether to accept or reject a claim and assisting in the settlement process. After completing high school, you can advance to a position overseen by a senior claims adjuster. A state-specific insurance licensing course and exam might also be required.

5. Sales representative (National average salary: $62,477 per year)

A salesperson sells products or services to customers and businesses. Their responsibilities include making sales presentations, negotiating contracts, and prospecting for new customers. Three valuable skills are customer service, communication, and motivation.

Sales jobs are available in nearly every industry, from pharmaceuticals to retail. Many entry-level positions require only a high school diploma, while others may require a bachelor’s degree. You may be eligible for additional commissions or bonuses as you progress in your sales position.

6. Web developer (National average salary: $72,155 per year)

A web developer builds, maintains, and designs websites and apps. These entry-level positions require basic computer programming and design skills and a high school diploma or associate’s degree. If you have freelance work and a portfolio, you can qualify for a position such as a junior developer. You may qualify for a more senior developer position as your knowledge and experience grow.