The Best Jobs in the Online Gambling Industry

You can not only play in online casinos but also work for them. Read this article to discover the most exciting occupations in the Internet gambling niche!

If you love online casinos, you can find a job in one of them. In this article, we’ll list the most popular occupations in the Internet gambling sphere. You can try your hand at building games, working as a live dealer, helping others to find the best $2 deposit casino NZ and other exciting jobs.


Support Professional

This job doesn’t require any particular education or experience. You just need to be polite, punctual, full of patience and ready to learn new things. Probably, you’ll need to apply for a job not with a casino but with an operator that provides support services to various gambling platforms. They will give you scripts that you’ll be required to stick to, so you won’t need to be creative. Some clients who’ll contact you can’t speak English very well but you’ll have to find ways to understand them.

Live Dealer

You’ll be streaming from a brick-and-mortar premise for an international audience. To land such a job, you should have good looks, be always ready to smile and have a pleasant voice. You’ll be required to memorize the rules of the game, make the game happen and interact with your audience. Many players will join the gaming session because they’re attracted to your charisma and professionalism. Make people fall in love with you and the casino that you work for!

Game Developer

Software providers sell games to casinos from all over the world. If you already have experience, you may try to join one of the large brands that have headquarters in several countries. Otherwise, you can apply for a smaller-scale developer — such companies are more eager to accept talents who are passionate about gambling even if they have never worked in this sector before.

Here are examples of the most popular occupations in a game developer’s office:

  • Engineer
  • Designer
  • Music producer
  • Quality assistance specialist
  • Various managers
  • Salesperson
  • Accountant

If you lack skills, you might start with the position of a secretary or assistant. You’ll be able to see how the company functions and which roles seem the most appealing to you. Then, you can get a profile education and make your further career steps.

PR or Marketing Specialist

In most countries, online casino ads are prohibited. You can’t place casino banners on third-party websites or make TV commercials. PR and marketing specialists need to be creative when spreading their messages.

For instance, it might be legal to publish online casino reviews whose authors outline both advantages and disadvantages of various gambling platforms. Your task will be to find writers who can review casinos and arrange publications for them on third-party web resources.

Another way out is to collaborate with celebrities. It’s a costlier tactic but it can deliver impressive results. A casino brand can sign up a contract with a popular singer, actor or some other show business personality. They will become the official ambassador of the gambling platform and their numerous fans might get curious to try their luck there.

To land such a job, it’s important to have relevant education. It would be great if you already have marketing experience from some other industry. Anyway, be ready to train a lot on the spot.

Member of a Casino Referral Program

Technically, it’s not a job — but it’s a very good way of making money in the gambling niche. To make the most of it, you need to be sociable and know how to persuade people. Ideally, you should have a blog, podcast or stream with a lot of subscribers.

Here is how referral programs work:

  1. Sign up for an online casino
  2. Inform its team that you’d like to bring new clients to them (this step might or might not be necessary)
  3. Generate a unique referral link in your user profile (sometimes, you may need to ask the support crew to generate this link for you)
  4. Share this link on third-party web pages that have nothing against this type of content and encourage others to sign up for that casino too
  5. You’ll get a reward for each client who registers on the gambling platform, following your referral link

Read the rules of the referral program attentively before joining it. Here are the most important questions that you should answer. How large will your reward be per each person whom you invite? Will it be a fixed fee or a percentage of what they spend on the platform? Will you be receiving a percentage of all the money that new clients spend in the casino without any time limits — or will the offer remain valid only within the first few months after a new client’s registration? Will you get your reward if the clients whom you bring win more than lose?

Video bloggers launch live streams to let others watch them playing in the casino that they promote. This is one of the most efficient techniques that can be used within a referral program.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you better understand which jobs are available in the online gambling sphere. You can become a live dealer, a support professional, a marketer or a PR specialist. Consider joining the office of a game developer as a designer, engineer, sound producer or even secretary. Plus, you can earn money on casino referral programs. If you genuinely love this sphere, you should be able to make a good profit from it!