The Future of Sports Betting – Trends and Expectations

The sports betting industry is consistently rising and forecasts show that it still has a long way to go in the coming years. When we analytically look at this growth, we noticed that certain trends set the pace for greater things. It started from gambling in physical shops to playing on the top betting sites in India — which are better and more efficient. But amidst this rush for online dominance, what does the future hold for sports betting? What are the most recent trends? And most importantly, what should we expect?

These are questions that plague the minds of both bettors and providers. And we tailored this content to give you answers. So read on and find what you seek.

Esports Dominance

Regular sports are great, but these athletes are human like us too. They can sustain injuries—some of which are career-threatening. In addition, they also take breaks between seasons. These periods are tiring for bettors that want constant action. And the industry thought of a solution which is  esports betting.

With esports, players have a virtual world where no one has injuries and they don’t have to take long season-end breaks. You can also enjoy different categories like:

  • First-Person Shooters
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • Real-time Strategy
  • Racing
  • Sports

and many more.

Esports is rising in popularity as the years pass by and this is only the beginning. In the near future, it will be more dominant as almost every bettor will stake in it actively.

Player Analytics

We are starting to see hints of better player analytics. Before, punters had no solid method of gauging several player stats and fitness before a game. But now, technology is providing this information to bettors on a platter of gold. They get to monitor players’ season stats, fitness levels, and other factors that may affect the player’s performance.

By the time this analytics system goes full-blown, punters will have more accurate predictions as they can critically analyze rather than blind betting.

Live Streams

Bookies are becoming more flexible in their offerings as many of them provide live streams. This innovation is especially useful for live bettors as they can watch the games rather than following a tracker. While many may not appreciate it now, it will become clearer soon.

The combination of live streaming and live betting is awesome for a good user experience as punters get to see for themselves and make better decisions. 

Exclusive Bonuses and Promotions

The rate at which bookmakers offer varying bonuses and offers to both new and old players is getting unreal. While many may argue that they are doing it in their best interest, we also like to look at it from the player’s angle. 

Before this trend started, players had to use real money to test strategies and games. Most strategies we have now come from players who risked their money to experiment in the past. Today, you can strategize efficiently without any real money at stake. If you are not capitalizing on it yet, it is not too late to jump on this trend.

Our Thoughts

These fast-rising trends in the industry are not only of benefit to players and bookies but to the economy at large. Statistics show that it employs hundreds of people while also generating billions in revenue for countries. From the trends and expectations, what is clear is that the best is yet to come.