The Optimal Height For A Standing Desk

A sedentary lifestyle can cause many afflictions, such as obesity, lower back pain or cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, remote work is one of the risk factors: if you spend the majority of your time sitting at a desk, you’re probably in danger. How to prevent all those health issues? One of the key solutions is a thoughtful home office design – especially when it comes to desk height.

Uplift your productivity with a standing desk

Back pain is a real bummer: it lowers your mood, destroys your productivity and focus, or even limits your ability to work. It also might be a sign of serious musculoskeletal disorders – if the pain lasts for weeks or months, you should definitely visit your doctor ASAP.

However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. All you need to know is that your spine loves motion: implementing regular physical activity into your daily work routine is the best thing you can do to prevent the pain. One of the easiest ways to do that is to switch up your position throughout the day from standing to sitting – hence why investing in an adjustable wooden standing desk might just save you some major ailments down the road.

An electric standing desk allows you to easily adjust the tabletop’s height to your individual needs, whether you sit or stand. What’s more, you can save presets and set your ideal desk height with a single button press. Thanks to elevated work comfort, you will become more productive and, above all, healthy.

How to find the correct height of your desk?

Since everybody’s unique, with their own individual shape and size, it’s almost impossible to single out one desk height that works for everyone. Does that mean all desks should be made to order? Not necessarily – an adjustable sit-stand desk will do the job.

According to the office ergonomics guidelines, there’s a simple way to determine the perfect standing desk height for each of us. The main rule is that the tabletop should be placed at a suitable elbow level. Stand up straight while keeping your shoulders back; then position your elbows in such a way they form 90 degrees angles – forearms parallel with the floor. The distance from ground level to the tip of your elbow (the olecranon) would indicate what is likely to be an ideal desk height for you.

When searching for the perfect wooden desk online, you can also use a desk height calculator. It is a simple online tool that facilitates figuring out the correct standing desk measurements to meet your personal needs. Just enter your height and sitting or standing preference for an optimal range of heights tailored specifically for you.

There are also other elements that shouldn’t be neglected while determining the proper standing desk height. First and foremost: footwear, as well as a balance board or anti-fatigue mat if that’s what works best for you.

Upgrade from guessing – with this method improving workspace ergonomics gets much easier and more effective.