Top 7 Best PTE Training Courses For Newbies

PTE (Pearson Test of English) is a globally recognized English test. With a good score, you can migrate to any English-speaking country and earn a ticket to many esteemed colleges. If you still struggle to find a good place to start, keep scrolling to learn about our top 7 best PTE training courses for newbies.

Top 7 Best PTE Training Courses For Newbies

1. PTE Magic

PTE Magic International is the top PTE preparation center for millions of fresh English learners in Australia, Singapore, and Vietnam. 

Their track record speaks for itself. For over 8 years, PTE Magic has helped countless students reach their target scores to study and work in developed English-speaking countries. 

The teaching standards at PTE Magic are exceptional. Each instructor not only delivers quality PTE lessons but also offers unwavering support at every stage of your journey. 

Their centers are strategically located in all major cities, from Hanoi (Vietnam) to Sydney (Australia). So, you can expect top-notch, personalized assistance wherever you decide to study.

So far, five training course options are available to cater to varied needs: 

  • For group sessions, you can choose between the Crash Course (2 weeks), Super Course (8 weeks), and Ultimate Course (6 months).
  • If you thrive better in one-on-one classes, consider an Intensive Course (12 hours) or an Extensive Course (25 hours).

Regardless of your preferences, PTE Magic ensures you’ll always have open access to the best materials. These include a question bank, mock tests, insider tips, and practical feedback from experienced trainers. 

All databases and learning sources contain 100% real exam questions to sharpen your skills and familiarize you with the exam format. The trainers also go the extra mile to point out your areas for improvement and offer a tailored study plan.

2. Udemy

Another terrific option is Udemy, a renowned online learning platform for all subjects and topics. PTE preparation is no exception. Here, you will find hundreds of PTE courses at varying price points, some even free, tailored to different needs. 

Are you struggling with writing? Target writing-centric classes to hone your grammar and essay skills. Need help with pronunciation? 

Then why not sign up for a speaking course with well-designed drills and practices? Such diversity allows you to personalize your learning at your own pace and based on your current strengths. 

Better yet, all students are guided by qualified Udemy instructors who know all the ins and outs of the test format and scoring criteria. Some even offer money-back guarantees if the results fall short of expectations! 


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This course is designed and developed by YouSTUDY. It’s a reputable Australian education institution with over 30 years of experience guiding international learners. With over 15,000 successful students, it promises an effective, structured approach to help you achieve your desired PTE score.

You are expected to complete this course within a focused 4-week timeframe (3 hours per week). The instructors ensure you will receive comprehensive coverage of all 4 test areas, along with the following:

  • Valuable insights into techniques and strategies required to excel in each test section
  • A thorough understanding of the test format to manage your time effectively
  • The ability to hone your skills outside of class via self-directed practice skills 

4. English Wise 

We know many students prefer a more personalized approach to group sessions. If that’s your case, look no further than the English Wise course provider. It’s helped nearly 30,000 students achieve their desired scores.

English Wise prioritizes one-on-one interaction. So, every student can receive 100% focused attention from the best Australian PTE instructors. Beyond standard-format lectures, you will receive a comprehensive learning package that provides all you need for success.

One example is the specialized strategy sessions. Here, you will learn more about the secrets behind the current test format and how to maximize all your score potential. 

Since you are the only student in the class, English Wise also offers thorough feedback on both your strengths and weaknesses. You can rely on these valuable insights to develop future strategies for quicker improvement!

5. Language Academy Online Coaching

Language Academy boasts a team of experienced PTE trainers and a library of free templates specifically designed for the writing section. With these tried-and-true frameworks, structuring your essays is no longer a challenge. You can now demonstrate all your strongest writing assets.

Plus, with the academy’s 24/7 online support, you will never feel lost on your learning journey. It doesn’t matter whether you struggle with a reading question or need clarification on a test section. 

Their support team is readily available to guide you in any area, so don’t hold back with your questions! 

6. Edupedia

This Edupedia course is your best bet if you prefer one-on-one interaction addressing your individual needs. 

Here’s your chance to enjoy the convenience of a 100% online learning environment; no more commuting or tight schedules! As a bonus, Edupedia also offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy people working 9-to-5.

Each course consists of 12 focused classes that provide a comprehensive overview of all four components. After the course, you will develop all the necessary skills (plus more confidence) to excel in each area. 

7. HZad Education

Do you face a looming deadline or want to start with something easy? Hazard course offers an effective and incredibly time-saving solution to your problem.

You will access a comprehensive list of 800+ core words and expressions to tackle any vocabulary-related task, from reading to writing. 

Plus, with the pre-made speaking/writing templates, organizing your responses under time pressure is no longer an obstacle. Instead, you can use your remaining time to double-check the answers!


That’s the roundup of the top 7 best PTE training courses for newbies, ranging from quick crash courses to months-long programs. 

Consider your preferences and current skill level to select the ones that best suit you. Feel free to contact us (or the course providers themselves) if you need further clarification!