Top payment tools for online advertising payment

In the world of digital marketing, online advertising plays a key role in achieving business goals and attracting attention to the brand. However, choosing the right payment instrument can be quite challenging. It is necessary to take into account multiple factors simultaneously: transaction security, ease of use, and accessibility of obtaining.

Among all payment instruments, virtual cards for mediabuying stand out with their positive characteristics. They are easy to top up, perfect for making payments on various platforms and services – transactions are much faster than with traditional bank cards, and, of course, they can be created in large quantities to suit any business needs.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 best payment tools for online advertising payment according to professional mediabuyers.


PSTNET – is a financial platform where you can find a virtual multicurrency card (Visa/MasterCard) for any purpose. With their help, you can pay for digital products or make purchases in online stores. For advertising purchases, the service offers special Virtual cards for advertising. For example, segmented cards for Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and other popular platforms.For any card in the service, you can choose the most convenient way to top up your balance. Funds can be deposited via USDT TRC20, BTC, and 15 other cryptocurrencies, through another Visa/Mastercard card, or with standard bank transfers SWIFT, SEPA. The commission system for top-ups is quite low, and there are simply no commissions for transactions, operations on frozen or blocked cards, or for canceling payments.

Service features:

  • Diverse and unique BINs (Bank Identification Numbers) from banks in Europe and the USA. With them, the chances of encountering a Risk Payment are minimal.
  • Convenient BIN checker available on the website.
  • Cards can be issued without limits.
  • All cards are equipped with 3D Secure technology for transaction security.
  • The service is adapted for both solo mediabuyers and teams. In the personal account, you can assign roles, manage team members, set limits, and receive financial reports.
  • The first card is issued without data verification.
  • Registration takes little time: just log in through Google, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Apple.
  • The support service responds promptly and operates 24/7. They are easy to reach via Telegram or any other convenient method.
  • There is a Telegram bot for receiving codes or notifications.

Especially for mediabuyers, the service offers a lucrative program called PST Private. It provides participants with 3% cashback on advertising expenses, a 3% commission for card top-ups, and the issuance of up to 100 cards per month.

Thanks to its flexibility and advantageous terms of use, PSTNET has already become popular not only among mediabuyers but also among active individuals. They use it to pay for online purchases, applications, and subscriptions using other multicurrency cards provided by the service. 

2. Mybrocard

Mybrocard provides virtual cards with convenient management tools. This service is well suited for paying for advertising campaigns on various popular platforms, including Google, as well as for online shopping. Mybrocard offers low commissions for using its cards, including no commission for domestic payments and a relatively low rate for international transactions. Users note that the card replenishment system is quite flexible. Capitalist, USDT, WIRE, or the Marketcall affiliate network can be used. However, the balance can only be replenished after sending a request to the support service manager. The commission fee for replenishment depends on the method of replenishment.

Features of the service:

  • Clients can register in the system in no more than 24 hours on weekdays. You need to fill out a form and undergo an interview with a manager, and then wait for the data to be processed.
  • Various unique BINs, which are regularly updated.
  • The service provides tools for team management and role distribution within it.
  • Accessible customer support. Managers can be contacted at any time. Requests for transfers or withdrawals are processed within 24 hours to 14 business days.
  • Comparatively low commissions: 0% commission for domestic payments, 1% + $0.30 for international transactions, a fixed commission of 0.5% for rejected operations.

Overall, Mybrocard cards are an excellent solution for purchasing advertising online due to their convenient functionality and low commissions.

3. Combo Cards

Combo Cards offers virtual cards for media buying. The commission fee for topping up these cards is 3%, making the service economically attractive and accessible. Auto-replenishment and mass issuance of cards are also available. The service is relatively new, so some options are currently available only in pilot mode. There is a bonus system as well. For instance, users receive 5 free cards for every $5,000 spent. 

Service Features:

  • Wide selection of BINs
  • Additional features: transaction analytics, assistance with fund withdrawal, and transaction notifications via Telegram bot
  • Team collaboration: ability to add new users, allocate roles and budgets among team members, as well as monitor expenses and create reports
  • There is a fee for declined payments, up to $0.5, but it can be refunded as cashback

Users note that Combo Cards is a decent solution for media buyer teams with large budgets and a willingness to test new service features.

4. Flexcards

The FlexCards platform offers convenient and efficient virtual cards suitable for advertising payments on popular platforms. The main advantage of such cards is their diverse funding options. From USDT, bank transfers, Capitalist platform to transfers from partner balances. The minimum top-up amount starts at 50 EUR via bank transfer. Users also note that the fees are quite high: starting from 3.5% for top-ups. The BINs also influence the fee amount. However, there are no maintenance fees for all cards.

Features of the service:

  • Registration can be completed in no more than 24 hours. To register, you need to fill out a form and provide it to a manager, who will verify the data and activate the account. After that, you just need to confirm the account via email.
  • Issuing one card will cost from 2 EUR to 4 EUR.
  • Three types of diverse BINs, which the service updates every 4 months.
  • The platform allows each team member to have their own role with access to necessary information and the ability to manage card issuance. The team owner can manage roles and view expense data for each team member.

FlexCards is suitable for a wide range of companies willing to accept high fees and wait times. These minor drawbacks are offset by the versatility of card usage and various methods of fund transfer.

      5. XCards

XCard is a financial platform that offers the issuance of virtual cards for online payments and digital marketing. They provide convenient funding methods such as USDT TRC-20 or Bitcoin. Users appreciate the attractive bonus system and the opportunity to have a personal manager. Additionally, the service offers a referral program, allowing for more economical spending on media buying. 

Features of the service:

  • Responsive customer support: Users can submit inquiries to managers at any time.
  • Cards are equipped with 3D Secure technology.
  • Relatively fast registration process. Cards are activated only after their balance is funded.
  • “Make Us Better” section for feedback. Users can provide all their suggestions and comments about the service’s performance. It is stated that all feedback is taken into account in the process of improving the platform.

Despite XCard ranking at the bottom, its advantages make it an attractive choice for users who value their ability to influence the financial instruments they use.

The virtual cards for media buying presented in this review meet the highest quality standards. Each tool, regardless of its position in the ranking, has its unique features and advantages. Ease of use, wide functionality, and flexibility make them an ideal choice for professionals in digital marketing. It is also important to note that when choosing a payment tool, media buyers need to consider not only its technical characteristics but also their own goals and specific spending management needs for advertising purchases.