Using Voice in Gaming: 5 Reasons to Use a Computer

Toying with the choice of using a voice actor or voice technology for your new game or promotional video? You’re not alone in the quest for a targeted, clear voice. You can either hire talent, use a text to voice converter, or another service of the sort. Today, we’re aiming at helping you win the battle and find the right voice for your journey.


Save Money with Voice Technology Services

Voice talent can be expensive, especially if you’re looking to use them long term for more than one project. Plus, really talented voice actors can typically charge surprisingly high rates. By using a text to voice converter, you could be paying much less for the same job.

Experience Faster Project Turn-Around

Human voice actors compared to computers, take much more time on a project. With an instant turn-around, your project could be done in a quarter of the time, maybe less! If you need a project done fairly quickly then using a voice service might be your best option.

Less Room for Human Intervention

Not only do humans take a long time, but they also make a lot of mistakes and have tons of opinions. Let all that go! Automated voice services nor generated voices add sass to words that you don’t want to be sassy. They don’t turn in a project with an English accent when you specifically asked for an Irish one! Remove the human from the situation and your project just got a whole lot less fussy.

More Variation from Generated Voices

Some text to speech companies has over 150 available accents. A voice actor may be able to do more than one accent, but can they do 150? I’m sure there is someone who can put my foot in my mouth, but I’m also willing to bet they charge a pretty petty!

Voiceover generators offer plenty of variation from one source with one flat rate. You can pick from different genders and accents, adding even more versatility. These sorts of modifications are not commonly found in voice actors.

Music Files Offered by Brands

Companies that specialize in the text to voice converters offer the additional accouterments. In addition to voice, you can lay music in the background for easy listening and overall, a more polished presentation! If you hire talent, you’d be paying for voice and music separately. Hiring another person to another job is just more money coming out of your budget!

Time to Make a Decision

So, it’s that time! You’ve been graced with information that will help you decide whether you want to hire a voice actor or use a text to voice converter. We’ve concluded that if your budget is looking a bit tight, opting for a voice technology service might be the best option. We’ve also learned that choosing to do business with a company that offers voice technology could result in a quicker project end date for you and your team. So, what’s it going to be?