What Are the Best Ways to Create a Positive and Harmonious Office Environment?

The importance of a harmonious office environment is often understated, but it can have a serious impact on your business. Research has proven that happy employees are 31 percent more productive and take ten times fewer sick days than those who aren’t. These figures are impressive, but they only scratch the surface. The benefits of a pleasant workspace are endless. There are numerous methods that managers can incorporate to generate a working atmosphere that is going to be advantageous to staff as well as the business.

Desk Layout Based on Zodiac Signs

One way to promote happiness in the office is to ensure that all of the employees get along well with one another. This can be done through team building days and staff parties, but there are other options that can be explored on a day to day basis. For example, you could choose to arrange people’s desks so that they are sitting near others who are compatible with their zodiac sign.

If one were to put this into practice, they may look at the dates of birth of each of their members of staff and assign them their relevant zodiac signs. It may be wise to single out any Leos in the office, as these people known to gravitate towards drama and can often be thought of as arrogant. These people would be best suited to sit near Pisces, Libras, and Scorpios, as these signs are known to get along well with one another.

Positive Statements Only

The power of positivity can go a long way. Scientific studies have found that positive thinking can strengthen the immune system, reduce anxiety, and make people happier. All of these things can lead people to be more productive and better at their jobs, so it is hugely important to foster a positive working environment.

It is hard for everyone to think and speak positively at all times, but business owners could try to encourage this by placing a negativity jar in the office. This would work in the same was a swear jar, and anyone heard to be talking in a negative fashion would have to make a donation. This would soon lead people to think about what they want to say before they open their mouths.

Game Room and Designated Down Time

Downtime is a crucial part of the working day, and giving your employees generous breaks will increase their productivity during the working hours. In order to maximize this break time, having a games and relaxation room is the way forward. This will help employees take their minds completely off work, and will also provide an opportunity for bonding. Pool tables, table tennis, and games consoles are excellent additions to a happy office.

Business owners should do everything they can to get the best out of their staff. If they want to retain employees for a long time and keep production levels high, creating a happy and harmonious working environment is the answer.