What Businesses To Start In 2021?

2021 will be a year like no other. World full of technology, standing up from its knees after the hit from Covid-19 may be an interesting thing to watch, and an excellent opportunity to start a new business. People’s values have changed, their savings are tight sometimes and they seek for things that haven’t been popular until now. How to start a business, jump into the niche and thrive? 

Medical courier service

Healthcare industry is expanding, because due to the pandemic people started to be more responsible about their health. If you wanted to jump into this niche, medical courier service can be just the thing. All you need to have is a good car, and free time. Your job will be transporting medicines, equipment, and lab specimens. Healthcare industry isn’t endangered so it is pretty stable. You can start on your own as a solo entrepreneur, and if your business thrive, you will hire more drivers. 

Transcription service

This business is great if you can start slowly, and don’t have money for the start. All you need to have is a computer, software for transcriptions, and messaging service. From your skills you need to have a good ear and type quickly on the computer keyboard. Moreover, if you want to earn more, you may want to try medical transcription. If you have a day job, you can scale how many transcription jobs you can manage. If you want to earn more, you can think about getting a certificate.

Online casino owner

People sit at home for a year, gamblers can’t go to the live casino, because they are closed or have limited operation abilities. To fill this gap they will sit in front of the computer and join their favourite games in an online casino. To start this one you may need to have a little bit more money for the start. First costs are web development, domain renting, security and payment system. Then you need to buy a license for particular games. When you launch your casino, you need to provide your prospecting customers with a casino bonus because this will lure them to your website, not competition’s. 

Virtual Assistant

Many companies operate in remote work environments and bosses need to manage their time. To fit this new reality, there is a job of virtual assistant. If you have talent for time management, and great interpersonal skills, you can assist entrepreneurs. You will need a computer, some time management tool, and good communication software. It is beneficial for bosses too since they don’t pay a full time in-site assistant, but they can scale your service to their needs.

Pet sitting

If you work remotely, love pets, and need additional income, pet sitting can be just for you. Your responsibilities would be to feed the animal, give it water, play with it, keep it away from things it may break, or if it is a dog, go with it for a walk. In free time you can do your remote work. Pet sitting can be in your customer’s house or in yours, if clients agree with it.

Elderly care service

Our seniors always need our help, but sometimes family lives away, and there is no one around to help pensioners. If you are patient, empathetic and have good interpersonal skills, you can offer your service to take care of the seniors. It can be a hard job, that is for sure, since elderly people can be stubborn and don’t want to cooperate with you sometimes. You can start small, then can do some certificates, or even turn this into the company, and hire more employees.

Home catering

Do you love cooking and consider your skills excellent? You can try to earn money on that. Many people admit they can’t cook, don’t have time to do it, or sometimes simply are too lazy to do so. This is your target. You can cook delicious meals, cakes, and sweets in your home and deliver them to customers. Moreover, you can tailor your cuisine for diabetics, allergics, and gluten or lactose intolerant people. That will make it more attractive for people struggling with these illnesses. Starts can be simple. Just you, your kitchen, and a car to deliver food. If the business grows, you may want to hire a driver. 


If you are aware of your strengths and talents, you can use them to create new business and earn money from it. It can be a side gig like pet sitting, or serious entrepreneurship.. There are almost countless opportunities as long as you are creative and hard-working. People all around the world are able to change their passion and hobby into full time employment. For example, have you ever heard about a job called “water slide tester”? Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. Dream job for those who love water parks, and having fun.