Why are Live Dealer Rooms Becoming a Dream Job for Many Youngsters?

Online gambling is among the most popular ways to earn money alongside a full-time job in India. You can play casino games for fun and win a massive payout on a lucky day. Besides playing casino games, you can also become a live dealer and earn a decent income. In recent times, there has been an increase in demand for live dealer jobs among youngsters. But why is that so? Does this unique profession offer financial and personal satisfaction? That’s what this article looks to answer. 

Who is a Live Dealer? 

A live dealer is an employee of a live casino. These are people you see on the screen while playing live casino games. Their primary responsibility is to manage the table games to ensure organised and transparent gameplay. They undergo professional training to sharpen their gaming and communication skills. 

Below are the responsibilities of the live dealer:

  • Introduce players to the game and create a positive atmosphere.
  • Announce game rules and winning results. 
  • Deal the game cards and spin wheels. 
  • Supervise the progress of the game and ensure transparency. 

Reasons to Become a Live Casino Dealer

Becoming a live casino dealer comes with several advantages. Understanding these advantages can help determine whether they align with your personal and professional goals. Here’s why becoming a professional live dealer is a good idea:

More Realistic Gambling Experience

Online slots and other RNG games are fun to play. Yet, these games don’t provide authentic gaming experiences like live dealer games. If you want to improve your Blackjack or Poker skills, what better way to do it than becoming a live dealer? Live croupiers or presenters deal the cards or spin the wheel, depending on the live casino game. This gives them a more realistic casino experience. Explore India’s best live casino games at 10CRIC to kick-start your live dealer adventure.

Good Pay

Another reason to become a live casino dealer is the healthy paycheck. For example, a casino dealer working for Evolution in Canada takes home an average of $22.54 per hour. Impressively, this figure is 9% above the national average. In the US, an Evolution live casino dealer has an average salary of $17.96 per hour. In comparison, an average Indian worker earns $2.96 hourly. That’s not even a quarter of what a live dealer earns. 

Tipping the Dealer

Besides getting a good salary, live casino dealers get tips from players. Modern live games have an inbuilt tipping feature for a more authentic and fun experience. As you might know, most casino dealers fund their lavish lifestyles through tips from gamers. So you can be professional and friendly and earn more tips from players. 

Interaction with Players

Becoming a live dealer is a good career choice if you’re a social gamer. Live dealers don’t just sit comfortably facing the camera and explaining the table rules and bets. Instead, these professionals can interact with players through the built-in chat feature. You can answer questions asked by players and even strike up fun conversations. Just remember to keep the conversation professional and helpful. 

Final Thoughts

Becoming a live dealer is an excellent career choice for avid casino players with vast experience. This profession allows you to share your gaming knowledge with players while enjoying your favourite games. Some casino games, especially from Ezugi and Evolution, offer native live gaming experiences in India. These are excellent starting points if you’re uncomfortable speaking English.