Why is Mixing Love and Work a Bad Idea?

If you have ever had your eye on an attractive coworker, you may have wondered if you should ask them out. But is it really a good idea? You probably already know the answer to this question, but you may not know the reasons behind it. 

Relationships can be difficult. So can work. So, mixing the two is never easy and may complicate your entire life. However, there is always help available for these types of issues. 

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Now, let’s check out some of the reasons why mixing love and work is not such a great idea. 


While having an attractive coworker around can be a little distracting, it can be much more distracting once you start spending time with them and going on dates. This is especially true if you begin to develop stronger feelings for your office crush.

Having them stop by your office a few times a day may not seem like too much of a distraction, but the lingering thoughts of him or her may distract you from being very productive. In addition, it can be tempting to forgo work for another chance to see your romantic coworker. Surely you do not want your boss to see how much they are pulling you away from your desk. 

If You Break Up You Will See Your Ex Everyday

This is likely the worst nightmare surrounding an office romance. If you break up, you will have to see him or her every day and act like nothing is wrong. If it is a particularly nasty breakup, then it will be even worse. You may even find out that some of your other coworkers are taking their side instead of yours which could drive a wedge into the entire working environment. 

Office Gossip

As you begin to date the coworker you admire, you may notice that people are beginning to start rumors and gossip about how your relationship is going. While this can often be harmless, it is probably something that you do not want. These rumors could even make their way into your boss’ ear.

Could Be Against the Rules

A lot of employee handbooks specifically forbid office romances and you could end up losing your job because of it. If you ever do decide you do want to pursue a relationship with that attractive guy or girl, then be sure to check, and double check, the rules established by your employer before doing anything. Then, you will have to decide if it is worth the risk.

No Alone Time

You may not like to spend a lot of time alone, but that does not mean that being alone is not important. Everybody needs their alone space and when you start dating someone in the office you will find that you see them more often than may be healthy, especially for a young, budding relationship. 

You Could End Up in Legal Trouble

This may not seem likely, and it probably isn’t. However, if you break up or even if they do not share the same feelings as you initially, you may find yourself in legal trouble for sexual misconduct or even harassment. Even if it doesn’t go so far as to become a legal issue, this type of problem can be an end to a career that you definitely do not want to stress through. 

If You Are Going to Go for it Anyway

If you decide to go ahead and ask your coworker on a date, then there are some things that you should always keep in mind. First, you need to know the possible risks as well as the company policies surrounding the issues. Do your homework as a way to protect yourself. 

Also, it is always good advice to never date a boss or a subordinate because it can be construed as misconduct in order to get a raise or promotion. You need to take your coworkers feelings into deep consideration and if they do not also know the risks, you should be honest with them and disclose the possibilities that surround the romantic relationship and office encounters. 

Then, if you do begin to date someone that you work with, you should always be open about the relationship with other coworkers and bosses. This can be hard, and you do not need to tell them after the first or second date, but letting people know can take a weight off of your shoulders. If you are always going around trying to hide the relationship, you may find that there are awkward encounters springing up around the office or rumors being spread about you and your crush. 

Finally, set clear boundaries so that you separate your work life and your personal life. This can help with the issues concerning productivity, alone time, and conflicts of interest. You should always strive to keep the work environment positive and conducive to healthy work. 

Now, if you do end up dating someone and it does work out, always try to remain as professional as possible. Even if you hate something he or she did, never bring it up at the office and try to get back to normal at work. This is one of the most difficult aspects surrounding workplace romances, but always keep it in mind. 


So why is it a bad idea to date a coworker? Well, you likely had an idea before, but your interest in your office crush may have clouded your mind and made you unable to see all of the potential downfalls. However, if you do decide to go for it, always remain professional and communicative to everyone in the workplace. 

[This post is written by Marie Miguel. Marie Miguel has been a writing and research expert for nearly a decade, covering a variety of health-
related topics. Currently, she is contributing to the expansion and growth of a free online mental health resource with BetterHelp.com. With an interest and dedication to addressing stigmas associated with mental health, she continues to specifically target subjects related to anxiety and depression.]