Why It Is Beneficial To Allow Playtime In The Office?

This might come as a surprise for many of you reading this but it has been suggested that playtime shouldn’t end with your childhood, instead, it should continue. The benefits of adults playing and being involved in games are showing up, especially in therapy sessions where it has been found to be very helpful. 

It is not that employees can take hours-long breaks and play different sports or if any companies provide any such opportunities. It is more like letting the employees have so much fun during unstructured time. Companies like Zynga are exploring ways by which they can incorporate play into instructed office time and this is not a bad move as it has several benefits. Let’s discuss why it is beneficial to allow playtime in the office:

Improves Cognitive Function

Games that are beneficial for your mind like Chess, Sudoku, Scrabble, Words With Friends, and other similar games have been known to promote a healthy brain. Playing these games involves the stimulation of those brain areas that are involved with cognitive function, memory, and thinking. Not only can this lead to better memory, retention of information enhanced creativity with better cognition but it also results in better cognitive function. 

Allowing employees to be actively involved in such games during unstructured times can be very helpful to their brains. Plus, employees playing against each other will bring out the healthy competition to the table that everyone will enjoy.

Improves Productivity

This might sound crazy but it is true. Taking breaks during work can provide a productivity boost that will help the employees to be more productive. Every employee wants to take breaks in different ways, some want to check on their social media handles, others like to listen to music but if employees are encouraged to play games that are beneficial for them then it will help improve their productivity. 

Failure to take breaks can result in decreased productivity as it has been found that taking breaks during work can be very beneficial for the productivity of an individual.

Current Generation Likes It

Current generation workers are attracted to workplaces where fun activity happens and all the employees are actively involved in fun activities. Old generations might not be fond of such activities but millennial workers will find a workplace to be very enjoyable where fun activities happen along with work. 

According to the statistics, about 70-75% of the global workforce will consist of millennials, and to retain young workers who excel at their work, it is a good way to promote such fun activities that they will not only enjoy but will also be beneficial for them. 

Helps To Alleviate Tension

Playing simple games like Crosswords, Scrabble or any similar games will allow the employees to bust off extra stress and relieve tension. Additionally, it also allows them to refill their cognitive energy and because playing simple games can release endorphins, it helps to relieve tension and alleviate anxiety/depression along with bringing a positive aura. 

Along with this, if employees are introduced to tools like Scrabble Word Finder that helps them get better at Word games that allow an individual to solve jumbles in no time will help them to excel and get better at games that promote improved cognitive function. 

Makes The Employees Satisfied With Their Jobs

To increase workplace satisfaction and make the employees feel more satisfied with their jobs, introducing playtime in the office and letting the employees have a couple of minutes where they can play and relax from all the workplace tension will more likely do the job. Employees who have fun at work are more likely to be happy and satisfied with their jobs than those who don’t.

Plus, everyone likes to be in an environment where fun is promoted and everyone enjoys their time. The opportunity for employees to play together or against each other will help them to build positive and meaningful relationships which will result in better workplace collaboration and help improve the overall productivity of the team. 

Playtime can benefit a company in many different aspects and it is not only just beneficial for the employees. Creating a workplace environment that provides a fun environment is a smart and effective way to ensure the success of your company.