Elon Musk Has Just Said That Tesla Could Launch In India This Summer

Indian Tesla and Elon Musk fans could be in for a treat.

Tesla – the world’s foremost electric car company – could launch in India this summer. This was revealed by none other than Musk himself in an inconspicuous reply to a tweet by a fan. Ishan Goel had casually tweeted to Musk asking him about Tesla’s launch plans in India. Now Musk has nearly 6 million Twitter followers, and presumably gets thousands of tweets directed at him every day. But he chose to reply to this tweet with his characteristic candor.

Summer is nearly upon us – this could potentially mean that Tesla could hit Indian shores in a a few short months.

There had been hints that Tesla was looking at an Indian entry. Tesla’s Model 3 had opened bookings in April last year, and India was included in a handful of countries including Brazil, South Korea, New Zealand and Singapore where people had been able to place orders. There had been much excitement at the news, and several Indians, including Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Venture Capitalist Mahesh Murthy and GOQii founder Vishal Gondal, had ordered their Teslas, in spite of the hefty price tag of $35,000 before duties, and a delivery date that could stretch into 2019.

India has been warming up to Tesla in other ways too. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had met Musk during his tour of Silicon Valley last year, and had offered Tesla land to set up factories in the country. Another project initiated by Musk is also slated for an India entry – HyperloopOne is in talks with the Indian government to set up its transportation system on 5 Indian routes.

But for now, Indian twitter is giddy with excitement at welcoming what is perhaps the world’s most exciting car company to its shores.