Google Does A Touching Gesture For An Interviewee Who Lost His Sister

Google’s always been known for its cutting edge products and user friendly technology. This gesture just showed a very human side of the tech giant.

A job applicant at Google, Oklahoma lost his sister during his interview process. 

Reddit user Britishwookie (Real name Peter) posted a photo of the letter on the social network platform he received from the internet giant.

Peter had interviewed with Google for the position of a Data Center Facilities Technician. His sister unfortunately died 3 days before the scheduled interview.

While he got the job offer from Google for a role in California, what Peter hadn’t expected to get was this heartfelt and hand-written note by Google staff.


The letter reads:

“Dear Peter,

An email just didn’t suffice when we heard of you and your family’s loss.

I hope you know we are sincerely sending our most comforting thoughts your way in this difficult time.

I hope you feel surrounded by much love.

Meanwhile Peter is still considering the offer he’s got, since it’s for a role in the Mountain View headquarters of the company, while Peter was going for the role in Oklahoma to be able to be with his wife and autist child. He’s been receiving a lot of encouragement from the Reddit community to join the tech company as it’s a “huge opportunity”.

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