The Best Tech Companies To Work For In 2017

Glassdoor asks you if you love your job and use your feedback to decide the winners of their annual Employees’ Choice Awards. They have been doing this for nine years and this year was no different either. On Tuesday they published the result and announced their list of 50 best companies to work for. The list is based on 2.1 million anonymous company reviews.

Unsurprisingly 20 out of these 50 companies are tech based. Here’s the whole list of 20 companies where you can send out resumes for 2017.

10 Successful Companies Founded By Immigrants

U.S lawmakers can argue about the effect of immigration on their country’s economic change, but one cannot overlook the contribution of these foreign-born leadership in entrepreneurship and innovation.

A new study from the National Foundation for American Policy reveals that US immigrants started more than half of the current US-based startups valued at $1 billion and more. These 44 companies, the study says, are collectively valued at $168 billion and create an average of roughly 760 jobs per company in the U.S. The study also estimates that immigrants make up over 70% of key management or product development positions at these companies, WSJ reports.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 most renowned companies founded by immigrants.

Google Veteran Amit Singhal To Retire

Google veteran Amit Singhal has announced that he’s leaving the company after a 15 year stint. Currently the Senior Vice President of Search, he’s among the most influential engineers in the company, having worked on rewriting the revolutionary algorithms that powered Google’s search engine. Singhal says he plans to retire and focus on philanthropic activities.