Google Has A Youthful New Logo

The familiar, reassuring logo that greeted millions of netizens as they embarked upon their online explorations is about to be altered. Google, which had a virtually unchanged logo for the greater part of the company’s 16-year old existence, is finally changing its logo. Here is the new logo, right next to the old one.

google new logo


The new logo retains the old logo’s colours, but ditches the typewriter-reminiscent Catull font for something more youthful and modern. The new font has uniform keystroke widths and does away with the serif, which is the little line at the end of individual alphabets. The e retains its unique upward slant angle.

Change has become the new constant at Google. A month ago, the company had dropped a bombshell when it had announced that it was restructuring operations and would become a part of an umbrella company, Alphabet. The new logo also looks more in line with parent company’s Alphabet’s logo, which also relies on straight lines and a sans-serif font.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.48.10 PM

Google’s evolving as a company, having gone from being a search engine to a company that’s dabbling with self driving cars. It’s only fair the logo evolves as well. 

A new identity, a new CEO and now a new logo.

To change.

google logo