Mastercard Finally Changes The Iconic Logo We All Know Too Well

Take out your credit cards from your wallet. Look at the logo on the Mastercard one. Next time you get a new card or replace this one, it’ll look different.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.57.10 pm

It’s the season of logo changes. After UberHP, and Instagram, financial giant Mastercard has changed its iconic “Venn Diagram” logo. While it still looks like a Venn Diagram with 2 interlocked circles in yellow and red, the new logo does away with the stripes in the middle, and replaces them with a combination of red + yellow = Orange. The word mastercard will appear below the logo, as opposed to being on it. The new logo looks sharper, and more “material” in line with today’s visual trends.  “The new brand mark preserves and builds on that iconic foundation, providing a crisp, modern, simple look. Importantly, the new mark has more flexible configurations that are suited for today’s digital world.”, says Mastercard.

Mastercard logo

The logo change comes bundled with an overall branding overhaul for the iconic company.

Cards with the new logo will begin to be issued after September 30, 2016.  Designers Michael Beirut and Luke Hayman of Pentagram are credited with working on the new design.

Money can’t buy happiness, but for everything else and a new logo, there’s Mastercard.