Meet’s New CEO, Rishabh Gupta

A week after CEO Rahul Yadav was asked to step down from his post, the board has found a replacement. Rishabh Gupta, a Housing employee for 2 years, has been appointed as interim CEO. 

rishabh gupta


His appointment is effective immediately, Jonathan Bullock, SoftBank’s representative on Housing’s board, said in an internal email titled ‘Moving forward & Looking up’. SoftBank is the largest stakeholder in the company.

“We believe and expect that his principled leadership, tenacity, and determination will position us well,” Bullock said in the email sent to Housing employees on Thursday evening

Interestingly, Gupta was not a part of the 12-member founding team of the company, and joined Housing in July 2013. Previous to that, he had worked at Flipkart for 2 years, starting off as a management trainee, and then moving on to become a manager within a year. He holds a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering and was batchmates with Rahul Yadav at IIT Bombay.

Like his predecessor, he seems to have been actively involved in curricular activities in his college days, having been the Marketing Head of Mood Indigo, India’s largest college festival. 

It remains to be seen if his tenure will be as eventful as that of Rahul Yadav’s, but Gupta has some undoubtedly large shoes to fill.


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