Now CouponDunia Says It’s Not Been Paid By Stayzilla, Founder Yogendra Vasupal Still In Prison

It appears that Jigsaw Solutions and Stayzilla’s landlords weren’t the only parties which hadn’t been paid by the embattled firm.

CouponDunia founder Sameer Parwani has now said that it is also owed money by Stayzilla.”Yogi once you’re out do tell why you’re not paying us,” he tweeted. “No service deficiencies claimed by Stayzilla against CouponDunia. Yogi, do the honourable thing, pay the vendors you owe,” he urged. Stayzilla had said that it was holding the payments against Jigsaw because of it hadn’t provided it with satisfactory service, a charge that Jigsaw had denied. 


There’s also been concern that Stayzilla still has money in the bank, but is refusing to pay its vendors.  “From what I understand, they (Stayzilla) have not run out of money; there’s enough in the bank for a normal, structured shutdown. And the founders haven’t siphoned any money either,” said Ravi Krishnappa, an early investor and a board member in Stayzilla. “There was an internal note saying you cannot spend on non-employee and non-statutory expenses as part of the winding down process,” said another person directly familiar with the developments.

While neither charge could be independently confirmed by OfficeChai, the campaign to get founder Yogendra Vasupal out of prison has been steadily losing steam. There had been significant social media buzz the day he’d been arrested, but that has since been petering out. A couple of dissenting voices have also popped up, questioning the blind support the founder had received when he’d first been arrested. Meanwhile, Vasupal’s bail application wasn’t heard on Friday, and is now expected to come for hearing tomorrow. 

The Stayzilla CEO had been arrested in dramatic circumstances on Tuesday evening over unpaid dues to his vendors. Soon after his arrest, he’d managed to publish a post while in prison, which detailed the supposed harassment he’d been facing at the hands of his company’s creditors. In particular, there had been disturbing details of threats of violence, and of how his cofounder had received a voodoo doll with an attached picture of his son.

Aditya CS, the proprietor of Jigsaw Solutions, had stood by his demand for payment, which he’d claimed stands at Rs. 1.56 crore. He’d also rubbished the Stayzilla’s charges that there was a “severe deficiency in service” that his company had provided. But with the CouponDunia founder now saying that Stayzilla hadn’t paid them either, in spite of no claimed deficiency in services, things might just become a little harder for the beleaguered company.