Housing CEO Rahul Yadav Shows Middle Finger On Facebook

The controversies around the Rahul Yadav and Housing.com saga refuse to end. After being roundly panned on social media for his quitting letter , and withdrawing his resignation hours later with an apology, Rahul Yadav seems to have another message for the world. He uploaded this as his Facebook profile picture the day after the Housing.com drama occurred.


Yadav, 26, who has been brash and outspoken in the past, is seen in what appears to be a waterfall. The  CEO of the 1500 crore valued Housing.com is shirtless and is showing this middle finger at the camera in apparent glee. This seems to be a reaction to the events of the the previous day, in which he had trended on both Facebook and twitter. 

Rahul Yadav has added this event to his repertoire of being unconventional, which includes asking senior Sequoia Partner Shailendra Singh to “Go die motherfucker”, and calling his investors “intellectually incapable”.