The Rs. 2000 Note Is Here, And It’s A Bright Pink In Colour

Take note – there’s a whole new bit of currency in the market.

The Reserve Bank has introduced a Rs. 2000 note in circulation, which will become the most valuable note issued by India’s central bank. While the bank hasn’t made a formal announcement yet over its design, pictures of the new notes have made their way to the internet.

Rs. 2000 note 2000 rupee note


The new notes seem to be pink, a colour that hasn’t previously been used on currency notes. They also seem to have a different design that the other notes in circulation, which follow a similar pattern, albeit in different colours. 



This also seems to be the first note that doesn’t feature in image of Mahatma Gandhi, but he makes his presence felt with his signature glasses on the bottom left.

Rs. 2000 note 2000 rupee note


The notes also carry the signature of Urjit Patel, who took over from Raghuram Rajan as the RBI governor earlier this year.

Rs. 2000 note 2000 rupee note


The Rs. 2000 note has been introduced a whole 16 years after the introduction of the Rs. 1000 note, which was introduced in the year 2000. The introduction of higher value notes is usually a sign of growing inflation, which requires bigger notes to reduce the volume of banknotes in the market. Critics also say that higher denomination banknotes also aid the movement of black money, and certain state governments have even proposed banning high denomination notes.

But it looks like the Rs. 2000 notes are going to arrive soon in the markets. The first few issued notes could end up becoming collector items, so do keep your eyes peeled.