Tinder Starts Hiring In India, Comes Up With The Coolest Job Ad Ever

As startup founders would readily attest, hiring is never easy. You send messages to potential employees on LinkedIn, post on job portals, and pay recruiters large sums of money just to get that one hire. But if you run a large website with a dedicated userbase, you sometimes need to do none of that.

Earlier this week, Indian Tinder users browsing through their daily quota of eligible singles came up with a strange new match. It wasn’t quite the usual hottie with five selfies from five angles. This match meant serious business. 


Tinder’s opening an office in Delhi, India, and has come up with this rather unconventional way to hire recruits. It created a profile on its app with a picture of the Taj Mahal (quite appropriately – it’s the symbol of love after all), and invited people to apply to the roles of Community Manager, Events Manager and Digital Marketing Manager in India. And in true Tinder fashion, you had to swipe right to apply.

This idea, apart from being quite clever, works on several levels – it targets people who already know and use Tinder, so there’s an obvious connect with the company. Tinder also uses a Facebook login, so there’s a treasure trove of data available for ad targeting. Tinder can pick and choose people, who according to their Facebook profiles, are likely to be interested in these roles.

Users swiping right were directed to the Tinder site that details the information about the job. This is one Tinder swipe that might end up in a boardroom instead of a bedroom.