How Indian Startups Showcased Their Product Brilliantly This Father’s Day

Festivals and special days are becoming an opportunity for Indian brands to not only showcase their quirky and innovative side side but also integrate their product into the campaign while sending out a message. While many companies, especially startups, post a message or do an ad, some go all out and pull off elaborate campaigns to celebrate the occasion. Fathers’ Day celebrated on June 19th, has also become a festival that warrants those campaigns.

We did a round-up of the best of Fathers’ day campaigns this year.

1. Snapdeal: #FathersCanBeMothersToo

Snapdeal had a full page ads in leading dailies and social media promoting the campaign “FathersCanBeMothersToo”. The campaign tries to hit home the notion that fathers can be equally responsible for taking care of children and other household duties. It uses the focal example of  the ‘changing room’ signage which denotes a mother and a child. Snapdeal proposes a new signage which shows both mother and father partaking in the activity. Snapdeal asks users to go to the Snapdeal website, download the image, and replace the existing signage with that. The second page lists out curated items that make good gifts for fathers.  This campaign has been the number 1 trending hashtag on Twitter.


2. Ola: #IfDadWasGPS

Always at the forefront of social media engagement, Ola doesn’t miss out on a Father’s day special.  It has come out with this 1 minute ad, under the campaign #IfDadWasGPS which hilariously compares the friendly navigation device with a father’s driving instructions. 

3. Shopclues: #DadKaSwag

Ecommerce giant Shopclues held an activity called #DadKaSwag which required users to send in selfies with fathers and tell Shopclues which image their dads most resembled. The contest saw some interesting entries.

Shopclues campaign DadKaswag


4. Quikr: #GotItFromDad

Quikr did a 90 seconds video ad which shows different people telling us what they got from their fathers.


5. CredR: #PapaKehteHai

Pre-owned bikes marketplace CredR did an interesting series on the different kinds of fathers using iconic Bollywood dads as examples.

[URIS id=18832]


6. Helpchat: #WearItForDad

Helpchat attempts to drive a social message by highlighting the risk of driving without a helmet, through this video short.


7. Bank Bazaar: #Thankyoudad

Bank Bazaar did an ad showcasing how the father is usually the first authority on all finance and banking related gyaan for us.

8. Limeroad

Fashion ecommerce startup Limeroad went the crowd-sourced content way by having their users share videos of things their fathers say.

9. These are some notable mentions for putting out special Father’s day creatives if not a campaign or a video.

[URIS id=18836]


10. Haptik – The Baap Bot

And finally, personal assistant app Haptik pulled out all stops, by creating what they called the “Baap Bot”.  The chat bot gives some hilariously amazing responses, when users enter questions that Indian kids ask their fathers. It’s essentially the digital version of a typical Indian dad, full of their gyaan, rants about kids being careless and even some minor threats to have the erring kids fall in line. 

DadKaSawg Shoplcues campaign