Watch: Striking Uber Drivers Throw Stones At Uber Office, Break Windows

Tensions have spilled over during the driver strikes at Bangalore.

Uber drivers approached the Uber’s HSR Layout 7th Sector office yesterday and threw stones, breaking several windows in the process. 

While there were no injuries reported, the glass facade of the building was damaged. Uber had to evacuate its employees and deploy additional security at its office. The protesting drivers stayed outside the premises till late in the evening.

“The hours demanded by Uber, for us to get incentives, are inhumane. When we want to question it, they don’t attend meetings with the RTO and when we go, they throw us out,” said a driver outside the office.

Uber and Ola drivers across the country have been protesting the decreased incentives which they claim has hurt their incomes. Strikes have taken place in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore, and sporadic acts of violence have been reported as well. Striking drivers have often forcibly stopped drivers who were continuing to operate, and this has led to several tense moments with commuters.

Bangalore commuters are also currently finding it hard to find cabs, and there have been several reports of cabs being forced off the streets.


Uber and Ola drivers across India are struggling to make ends meet after both companies have drastically reduced incentives and bonuses. Drivers had been initially empaneled on the platforms with promises of incomes of over a lakh a year, and several drivers had taken loans to purchase their own cars. With the changes incentive structures, drivers are finding it hard to make even Rs. 20,000 a month, and are being unable to pay their loan EMIs.

Earlier, an Uber driver had committed suicide in Hyderabad after being unable to pay the EMIs of his car, and being harassed by loan officials.