10 Signs You Work At An Indian Company

Out of the 1+ billion population of India, tens of millions of people work at Indian companies like Infosys, TCS and also the Godrejs and the Hindustan Levers. While all companies irrespective of their nationality have a few quirks in common, working in an Indian company is a challenge of its own. There are a few things that exist only in an Indian company. So, we collected some broad trends, and compiled a (fun!) list of signs you work at an Indian company. 

1. The technology in use could possibly pre-date the internet.

work at an indian company


2. At any time of the day, the office is a cacophony of sounds in regional languages

work at an indian company


working in an indian company 

3. Lunch means tiffins. Nothing says Indian and married like the good ol’ dabba

work at an indian company


4. And the office cafe smells like a concoction of sambar, chutney and kadi-chawal

work at an indian company


5. Bollywood helps in beating the…Monday blues?

work at an indian company


6. The amount of paperwork in use could put your Kabaadi to shame

paper work at indian companies
Paperwork piled up at the District Commissioner’s Office, Mehrauli Badapur Road, Saket on the 3rd June 2011, New Delhi, India


7. Indian festivals are celebrated with great aplomb

work at an indian company



8. You take healthy breaks while working at an indian company

work at an indian company
Courtesy: Office Flashmobs



9. People even slightly more senior to your in the corporate hierarchy are referred to as “Sir”

working at an indian company


10. All said and done, you’re proud to be working at an Indian company instead of slaving away in the backend support at an MNC.

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