11 Most Epic Indian Corporate Flash Mobs

Indian companies aren’t always the staid, boring workplaces they are made out to be. When the employees are done filling in their timesheets and calculating their tax savings from their latest batch of Sodexos, they can be a fun, interesting lot. When the Flash Mob craze hit the world, Indian companies weren’t far behind, and dished out their own, desi versions. Here are the 10 best flash mobs that were seen on the Indian corporate scene.

1. Wipro, Kochi

This flash mob has it all. From some good ol’ fashioned dancing on tables, to more complex graceful formations, to lots of acrobatics towards the end, these young IT guns light up their their cafeteria. All to some very tasteful music, dominated by the tunes of A. R. Rahman.

2. Capgemini, Mumbai

This flash mob was organized to promote their annual cultural event, Jashn. And it was a roaring success, with crowds thronging to the cafeteria to watch it, and also joining in!

3. Infosys, Chandigarh

This flash mob, that took place right outside the main campus, had a distinctive Punjabi touch, with a little Bhangra sequence thrown in!


4. Infosys, Pune

This flash mob broke from the medley format and danced to just one song – Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire.


5. Microsoft, Hyderabad

This flash mob passed by quite uneventfully, without any crashes.


6. Ernst & Young, Pune

This is the only flashmob on our list that has people dancing in suits and ties. You can take a person out of finance, but you can’t take finance out of a person..


7. Opera Mini, Noida

Opera Mini blows the competition of the water with its flash mob to celebrate 50 million Indian users. It features matching T-Shirts, giant Indian flags, and the company’s CEO being wheeled into the festivities on a cycle rickshaw. Take a look at the grand daddy of all Indian corporate flash mobs.

8. Cognizant, Bangalore

This was more of a dance extravaganza than a flash mob but the freshers of Cognizant surely know how to make the best of it.


9. TCS, Bangalore

The employees of TCS Bangalore got served more than their regular fare at the office cafe with this flash mob.

10. Tech Mahindra, Bombay

Some jaw-dropping acrobatics were added on to a regular flash mob.


11. McGraw Hill Education, Noida

McGraw Hill Education India, a 125-year old leading learning company which delivers personalized learning experiences, recently surprised its employees by having some fun with a flash mob.  The passionate and high-spirited India team got together for the flash mob during their virtual global kick-off.

Flash Mob by the employees of McGraw Hill Education IndiaFlash mobs are always exciting but a #flashmob in an office environment sounds way too cool!That is the kind of fun we had last week during our ‘Virtual Global Kick-Off’ for the year 2016, check out this video and see for yourself. #MHEFlashMob #MHEIndia #MHERocks

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