13 Most Awkward Moments At Work You’ve Surely Had

1. That awkward browser switch you have to do every time someone came near you while you were on the computer. You were on Facebook or worse a porn site. You knew it, they knew it. Yet you pretended that you were working on your metrics! Or of course, getting content for your next marketing campaign.





2. When you were in the loo and some stranger next door was wailing her organs out! Or was making weird noises. God knows what they had for dinner last night.


New girl



3. What’s even more awkward is when both of you come out together and you realize it was your boss!

Of course you didn’t hear anything.

awkward moment at work



4. When all your attempts to silently fart fail and instead you sound like you just dropped a grenade

fart loudly


5. When you are trying to sneak some stationery into your kitty and the housekeeping guys swoop in right then. You were just, just, doing a curious inventory check as part of your 20% project of course.

Awkward moment at work


6. You get up from your seat, walk like a king towards the empty corridor; gradually increasing your pace just as you are about to reach there and scratch away to glory and turn around to get back to your throne, when you realize you had an audience!





7. You want to bunk office today and message/call your team lead and announce that it’s your time of the month and you feel like you just participated in the 20km marathon, when they promptly ask you “It’s only been a couple of weeks since the last one. It’s too early this time innit?”


How to answer that qs


8. When your biggest crush, love of your life, dream girl, comes to you and “casually enquires” about your best friend.



9. When you finally decide that today is the day you would be going to be able to take a decent lunch break and return to your desk after an hour, only to find your boss there admiring his new watch!





10. When you are trying to politely explain to your new intern, how the project could have been better and the next thing you see is a complex secretomotor phenomenon characterized by the shedding of tears from the lacrimal apparatus, without any irritation of the ocularstructures!




11. So you really wanted to listen to some easy music, get the work vibe going, etc but tadah! Before you know it, the mellifluous tunes have turned into heavy metal and bang your head you must, sing along loudly you must, safely ensconced in your headphone, not realising that the entire office was audience to your little desk gig.



12. So you’ve just sent that ultra-amarous-borderline-sexual email meant for the boyfriend to your boss. Worse still, you just announced your displeasure with HR at being given a notice of termination, to your ENTIRE office.

Oh boy.

typo in email gif


13. Your monthly dinner meet with the team just turned into a full blown party, and you’re grooving away with the colleague whose name you didn’t know until now. But well tomorrow is another day. Turns out the boss really wasn’t as drunk as you thought he was when you had that meaningful drunk talk with him. Your cover is well off.



Have you had any awkward moments at work? Share them in the comments.