14 Reasons Why Your Company Should Allow Working From Home

Companies across the globe are slowly, but surely accepting the idea of working from home. And why not? With so many benefits to you the employee and the resulting benefits to the employer, we see no reason why it shouldn’t be allowed, at least once in a while. After all a happy and relaxed employee is a productive employee, right?

In fact a recent study published in the Harvard Business Review found that the performance of at home-workers increased by 13 percent over nine months compared to employees who stayed in the office.

So if you’re one of the lucky few who do have the option of the WFH, you would surely relate with why it’s so awesome.


You can sleep in

Rambling groggily for the 6am alarm, rushing to the office, missing breakfast and being grumpy all day didn’t help anyone. When you work from home, you wake up at I-am-Ready-o-Clock, and that’s the best time to wake up.

A good start to the day ensures a happy and productive demeanour the rest of the day. Just make sure you aren’t snoring away, when you need to turn in an important document.



You can be with your pet

You don’t have to leave little Bruno all alone at home pining for you when he can be a part of your life, including your work. A little inspiration a day is just a cat away. ( Did you know the owner of the famous Grumpy Cat meme made $100 from the creation? Yes)





You don’t have to dress up

Snap out of that work uniform and get in your comfortable pyjamas. Hell, work in the buff if that helps you crack those multi-million ideas.




You avoid the dreadful commute

Not only is the prospect of not spending the rest of your life in the city traffic during the long commute to work tempting, but think about all the additional savings?




You can nap after a particular stressful exercise

So you’ve just drawn the quarter strategy and your mind is numb with numbers. Research has proven that a nap during the day helps channelise one’s energy and keep calm so you can be more focussed and efficient at your work. Did you know that Japanese firms actually encourage napping at work, as the average Japanese person gets so little sleep at home. 





Spare yourself from the tasteless office food

Let’s admit it, unless you work at Google or a gourmet restaurant, most of us hate the food at work. And what’s a piping hot Mac ‘n’ Cheese in bed, compared to those lukewarm and expensive noodles at work?


No small talk with your nosy colleagues

So, you don’t particularly have to network with your colleague as part of your job, at least not everyday. In fact you don’t even like them much. Why make the effort of going to office and pretending to like them when you can stay at home, in the sweet sweet company of yourself, focussing on the more important stuff?



You can browse anything on the internet

Your office network has a 100 restrictions on what you can browse and not. I mean which copywriter ever got inspiration without a few sessions on 9gag?

Work like you live. Unshackled.


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You can be hungover or heartbroken

So you’ve had a particularly intense weekday night or you just had a bad breakup, but you must do that important con call with the US client tomorrow. Instead of turning up in office looking like a hot mess and scandalising everyone else, work from home is your saviour.


You can drink

Unless you’re a character from Mad Men, drinking at work is frowned upon or is outright illegal. But what does one do when you must have your staple of a good Ol’ Monk before you create that mind boggling copy? Help yourself to a lil drink, and do your thing.




Your long distance girlfriend is visiting

So, you both get like 3 days in a month together. Would you rather be working 36 hours out of those? We’d hope not. Get into that couch and explore the joy of work and play.




You can watch your TV soap or football match

It’s the match of the year, and you know you’d be restless the whole day if you didn’t know the score by the minute. Spare yourself and others the hassle, and work from home, just you, and the idiot box and all those spreadsheets.




Blare out your music

 Your music is wasted on those headphones and for all the Riffs to come out heavenly, they must be blared out loud. And hey research shows correlation between music and productivity, so play that Arctic Monkeys track out loud and groove away to work.



You could be working from anywhere

Anywhere, really. As long as you’re logged in and do your work, your home could mean anything- a cafe, a beach or well….