How India Watched The Game Of Thrones Season Finale In Office

To say that Game of Thrones is a worldwide sensation is an understatement. It’s a show huger than anything.

But alas, the HBO blockbuster airs at 9pm EST, a time when Indians are in the office or are leaving for it. That hasn’t deterred us from watching the show though.

We got our team right down to it, and catch them all in action.

Here’s how Indians watched the show in the office.

The most popular place for catching the show seems to be the cafeterias. Crowds are clustered around the screens that have been set up, and nobody’s eating very much, save for their fingernails.



Or people have been watching in their office bays. At least they can pretend to be working.


Or not.


There have been screams of joy at some scenes.



Some offices have arranged for special screenings.


People are distraught at what’s happening in Westeros


Conference calls have been cancelled to watch what the Mother Of Dragons is up to instead.



The madness has reached proportions more epic than the sets of Game Of Thrones.


However if your company isn’t as cool as these, there’s always Indian jugaad to the rescue.

Got drawer


Or more realistically, (Yes, the above were all badly photoshopped versions stemming from wishful thinking! ) This is how most people, with a job, *really* watched the show!

While most others are complaining about spoilers, because being employed and Mondays.

Game Of Thrones Spoilers
(Image: Comedian Azeem Banatwalla)


While some are envious of the others who *can* watch the show in the office.

(Here’s the original post. This is how Indians watched the cricket world cup last year.)

Yes, that was a joke guys, however our feelings for how epic Game Of Thrones is are not. Monday mornings or not, hope you all get to watch the show soon.