The Amazing Job Description For Pakistan’s Cricket Coach

How does a great cricketing nation hire a new coach? Through an ad in the newspaper of course.

Pakistan got bundled out of the T20 World Cup following a loss to India, and that wasn’t good news for coach Waqar Younis. He resigned soon after the defeat, and the national team was left without a coach. The Pakistani cricket board, like any self respecting government-run body, came up with a job ad.

The Pakistan Cricket Board wants a “dynamic individual” individual to lead the Pakistani cricket team. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.46.53 PM

While most of the job posting consists mostly of management-speak your friendly company HR would be proud of, there does seem to be some thought that’s gone into the posting. There’s a special mention for “the improvement of fitness standards” and “consistency of performance”, two areas that Pakistan has traditionally been found wanting. 

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The requirements too are similarly hilarious – one bullet points reads “Computer Literacy”, with a special focus on the Microsoft Office Suite. Another lists strong written and oral communication skills.

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And in case you’re trying to worm in a free trip to Karachi on the pretext of the interview, think again  – “No TA/DA shall be paid”, the posting sternly says.

Given their track record with coaches,  they really shouldn’t be so picky.