9 Signs That You Belong At A Start-up

Is your 9-5 job getting you down? Feeling miserable on Monday mornings? Dreaming a little too frequently about your large office building burning down in a red-hot blaze? Maybe you aren’t meant to be working a conventional job. Here are 9 unmistakable signs that you belong at a startup. 

Signs you should work at a startup

1. You simply cannot stand office jargon


“Please utilize synergies while optimizing resources and maintaining a low upper bound on the headcount”

 2. You don’t need a suit and tie to be productive

mark zuckerberg
“Would you wear brown shoes with black pants?”

3. You get your best work done at night

Batman..the daytime sun can be a bitch on my delicate skin.

 4. You work well under pressure

stress..just figuring out how to raise $1 million in venture capital by tomorrow evening

5. Jugaad runs in your blood

Life Hack bed office“Of course we have a registered office!”

 6. You hate being micromanaged

Hitler angry

“Please have these files at my desk by 2 pm. And place them in the top left corner, in decreasing order of the colours of the visible spectrum”


7. In fact, you might be a bit of a rebel at heart

rebel“No, I shall place them in increasing order of the colours of the visible spectrum”


8. You hate feeling like a part of a crowd

election-crowd-wellington-new-zealand-1931-photographed-by-william-hall-raine“Repeat after me: We are all different”

9. You want to change the world

changetheworld..and the Ferrari isn’t going to buy itself

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