As The WannaCry Attack Takes Over Computers Worldwide, The Jokes Have Begun On Twitter

The WannaCry ransomware is now present in 150 countries around the globe, and has taken down hundreds of thousands of computers. Renault has had to shut down some of its factories in France, and patients in the UK have seen their doctors appointments cancelled and operations rescheduled. In India, the West Bengal power utility had its computers compromised, and the government has called the situation “critical.”

All this hasn’t stopped Twitter from coming up with memes.

Particularly smug are people who weren’t using Windows. WannaCry exploited a vulnerability in Windows systems, meaning that people on other operating systems were safe.

Linux users found another opportunity to gloat.

Then a meme began, showing what the attack would look like on devices which weren’t running Windows at all.

They got slightly more bizarre…

With an Internet of Things world around us, things could really have been far worse.

People began pranking coworkers, setting the now-familiar message as their screensavers.

And people thought that for a virus that had brought the global internet to its knees, its name wasn’t very intimidating at all.

And finally, people went back to bashing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal had earlier claimed that by virtue of being an “engineer from IIT,” he could hack EVMs in 10 different ways. Delhi voters will disagree, but maybe for once, Kejriwal might be the hero India needs.