When Richard Branson Caught A Virgin Employee Napping

Richard Branson recently caught one of his Virgin Australia employees sleeping during work. “I popped into the office and the airport to say hello and check in to see what the team are up to,” Branson wrote on his company’s blog. “This guy wasn’t up to much at all – I caught him sleeping on the job!”


“Wow, did he get a shock when I woke him up. He must have thought he was dreaming because he went straight back to sleep,” he added. Luckily for the employee, Branson wasn’t angry with him at all. “To be fair, he was on standby, getting some much needed rest,” Branson wrote.

Sympathizing with an employee who was caught napping on the job, while the Virgin airhostesses are seen smiling in the background, now Branson isn’t called the coolest boss for nothing.  While the cool boss laughed away the incident, internet on the other hand did what it’s known for. After being inspired by the employees of the Israeli startup that turned its sleeping CEO into a meme legend with some photoshopping, in this case, the internet took it upon itself to do the need. Here are the results.

1. This one’s inspired by Richard Branson’s famous “Air hostess” gag as mentioned in this article.


2.  Why of course, the sleeping employee would evoke paternal feelings in Branson.


3. Branson appreciates a sleeping beauty when he sees one.


4.  When the cat’s asleep the mice will play. #Yolo


5. “Oh damn, I’m screwed, ain’t I!”


6. May the force with you, sleeping employee.


7. It was a fairytale ending.

snow-white-574d72b4e93dc__880h/t: Bored Panda