The Stunning Art Inside Inside Facebook Offices Around The World

Facebook began in a dorm room in Harvard, but it’s come a long way since then – it now has a billion users, and is the world’s fourth most valuable company. What this has meant that it has offices around the world, and Facebook seems to have spared no effort in doing them up.

Mark Zuckerberg has shared some some stunning art that adorns Facebook offices around the world. Facebook has always had a culture of art – the graffiti is its first office was done by an artist in exchange for Facebook shares, and the artist became a millionaire when Facebook went public. Facebook seems to have continued the arty streak, and apart from graffiti, has lots of interesting art in its offices.

1 This large piece exists in Facebook’s office in New York. It has several cutout-style images against a geometrical background, including an image of a woman breastfeeding a baby.

facebook office art


2. This is a bit of modern art with dripping paints and wide strokes. Facebook is a tech company that deals with binary 1’s and 0’s, but it sure seems to quite expansive when it deals with colours.

 facebook office art 2


3. As expected, there’s a tech bent to its art. This artwork is a massive likeness of Alan Turning made from dominos. Alan Turing, of course, is considered the father of Artifical Intelligence, and has an interesting life story. After helping the British decrypt German messages during World War 2, he was unjustly treated by his own country, when he convicted for being gay.


facebook office art 3


4. This corner has a pastel theme, with darkened silhouettes and hazy brushstrokes.

facebook office art 4


5. The art is also tailored according to location – Facebook’s Mumbai office has art that has a distinctly Indian feel, with floral patterns and gentle curves.



6. This is a recycled wood lathe wall sculpture, that seems to look like a giant strand of DNA.

facebook office art 5


7. This is another bit of art, in a very different style from the others.

facebook office art 6


8. Facebook even lets its employees join in – this wall is a combination of artworks that were created by employees.

facebook office art 12


9. And Facebook even has an in-house print studio. “We now have a print studio and workshop called the Facebook Analog Research Laboratory where teams can take a break and draw something or make a print to hang on our walls. A lot of the art that comes out the Lab highlights our values like staying connected, building community and helping people,” says Zuckerberg.

facebook office art 9