Flipkart Consolidates All Bangalore Offices Into Grand New Space At Embassy Tech Village

In its early years, Flipkart had been growing at breakneck pace, and had small offices that popped up all over Bangalore. The company is now 10 years old and all grown up; it’s now consolidated all its Bangalore offices into one grand location at Embassy Tech Village.

Flipkart says its consolidated office will help the company improve collaboration, synergy and operation efficiency among its several departments. The new office is spread across over a million square feet, and consists of three separate buildings. The buildings together have 30 floors between them, and can seat 7,387 Flipkart employees.

flipkart new office embassy tech village

Flipkart says its new campus has been developed as a mini city, much like how a typical European town would look. Flipkart’s campus has three unique buildings with different designs and varieties of façade treatments. The central street provides a “High Street” impression with food courts on the both sides and piazzas at the either ends.


The interiors of the offices have been built based off the learnings from Flipkart’s previous offices, and a design ethic that’s contemporary, open, bright and lively. There are plenty of touches of Flipkart’s trademark yellow across the campus.

flipkart office embassy tech village bangalore

Flipkart’s last office had been somewhat over-the-top, with several dramatic stylized elements, including a large book suspended from the ceiling, but the company says it’s changing things this time around. “The idea was to have simple and smart spaces, void of unnecessary ornamentation,” said Flipkart. “With the buildings being composite structures, steel sections and members were exposed and the interiors were designed in line with the structure rather than attempt to conceal it. This also brought in the much-needed connect with the warehousing and logistics part of the business. The result therefore, is a space that is probably a true reflection of Flipkart.”

flipkart new office embassy tech village bangalore

But that doesn’t mean Flipkart’s new office is without some pretty stylized spaces. This wall pays tribute to Bangalore, where the company had been founded and continues to be headquartered to this day.

flipkart office new campus


This collaborative break-out area is coloured in different shades of yellow, with interesting origami patters strewn over it.

flipkart new campus embassy tech village

The floors in some spaces are also done up. This area has some snappy messages in colloquial Hindi.

flipkart office embassy tech village


Flipkart’s large campus also allows for some impressive outdoor spaces. The company’s employees can unwind on the outdoor recreation space on the terrace, which has  multi-game playing surface for futsal, basketball and cricket. There’s also facilities for human foosball, mini-golf, Climbing Wall and even Bocce Ball.


These are pretty impressive digs, and were officially declared open by Flipkart cofounders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal and CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy in the presence of Flipkart’s employees. The new Flipkart’s headquarters are quite a sight, and will be ground zero for the company as it looks to continue its long-standing battle with Amazon in India’s e-commerce stakes.

flipkart office bangalore