These Indian Startup Offices Have Been Rocking The Mannequin Challenge

Startup offices are usually a hub of frenzied activity. There’s lots of running around, shouting, and loud discussions over things such product-market fit. But over the last few weeks, some startup offices across India have come to a standstill – while some pop music coolly plays in the background.

The Mannequin Challenge craze has well and truly hit the Indian startup space, and a host of companies are vying to come up with the most amazing videos of their employees being frozen in action. The challenge itself, like other crazes on the internet, is hard to explain to the uninitiated (try telling your parents why people are dunking cold water on themselves to cure an obscure disease). But while employees do their best impersonation of lifeless mannequins, and tag friends in other companies challenging them to do one better, some pretty cool videos are being created.

Here are some of the best of the Mannequin Challenge, Indian startups edition.

1. Flipkart

Flipkart jumped early into the phenomenon, creating its video as early as on 25th November. And while the video itself was pretty neat giving a glimpse into the fantastic Flipkart office, Flipkart also managed to use it as a plug for their upcoming Lenovo phone launch. The video’s managed to rack up a whopping 1.6 million views so far.

2. Cashkaro

Coupons site Cashkaro also managed to get its video out early, and featured a video with its entire office wearing blue CashKaro T-shirts. The background music, quite appropriately, was the title song of the film Cash.

3. FreshMenu:

FreshMenu had an interesting take on the mannequin challenge, choosing to shoot it in their kitchens instead of their office.

4. Giftxoxo

Gifting and activity based gifts platform Giftxoxo had a theatrical take, and  tried to showcase some of the experiences like trekking, Yoga, karaoke, guitar, and shooting through the video.

5. Cleartax

Cleartax took a break from all the demonetization activity, and did a version that spanned their entire office, including their sleeping rooms.

6. Craftsvilla

Ethnic products ecommerce startup Craftsvilla managed to use some of their natural advantages in their video – their video featured an actual, real mannequin, and most employees were dressed in ethnic clothes.

7. Belong

Bangalore-based recruitment solutions provider Belong went the full hog, including floating employees, yoga poses, and headstands.

8. Locus

Locus did an inspired version, even including a potato chip suspended in the air. They further challenged Urban Ladder and SquadRun. 

9. Zomato

Zomato took the challenge international, with its Abu Dhabi office putting out a great fitness-focussed video.

10. Xiaomi

Chinese phone company Xiaomi, one of the most valuable startups in the world, came up with a peppy version in its colourful India office and also managed to plug one of its phones in the challenge.

11. Matrix Partners

Not to be outdone, VC firm Matrix Partners came up with its own version of the challenge. And having a keen eye on the bottom line, used the opportunity to show off its portfolio companies. We expect them to be currently calculating what the ROI of the activity was 😛