Ravi Gururaj’s QikPod’s Intelligent Locker Networks To Help Ecommerce Deliveries

QikPod will launch a network of intelligent lockers for delivery of ecommerce parcels to online consumers across the metros. Parcel Locker is a unit that is installed alongside neighborhood delivery and collection box units or in conjunction with Post Office Boxes in a retail facility that is used for parcel delivery. The startup venture will be launched by serial entrepreneur Ravi Gururaj  backed with a $9 million funding from Flipkart, Delivery, Accel Partners and Foxmobile.

ravi gururaj

Ecommerce companies will hugely benefit through the intelligent parcel locker system, which will help avoid costs of redelivery when customers are not physically present, will reduce carbon emissions through shorter and fewer delivery routes, thereby smoothening the last-mile parcel delivery. Ecommerce companies believe that as much as 10% of their shipments can be implemented through the parcel network.

According to the CEO of Delhivery, Sahil Barua, “We will now be able to fulfill to a location of customers’ choice even when the customer is not physically present and also save the cost of re-delivery.” Thus Intelligent parcel lockers are much more convenient than home deliveries. “A connected locker is a simple and effective solution to this problem. For consumers, there will be no more hassles of payments, returns, coordinating timings with delivery boys and for the e-tailers, this will finally enable true economies of scale,” stated Accel Partners’ Prashanth Prakash. The lockers will integrate technologies such as internet of things with a sound logistics system at the back end.  Foxcomm will supply the lockers to QikPod.

Ravi Gururaj expressed his belief that the parcel locker network would be capable of handling about 33% to 50% of the parcels across India’s metros, and hopes to build the world’s largest parcel locker network with 50,000 plus lockers across major metros in India.