Babajob Comes Up With The Zaniest “About Us” Video Ever

Job sites are typically boring places where you submit your resume in Size 12 Arial font and ask your recruiter to get back to you through proper channels. They are places where you get rejected repeatedly for having no experience and that one backlog in Mechanical engineering in the 4th year. They are places where you’re reminded of all the extra money you could’ve made had you spent the summer interning at McKinsey instead of playing cricket with your pals. In short, pretty darn depressing.

Not Babajob. The job portal has come up with an About Us ad that is, quite simply, unlike any startup video we’ve seen before. In a breathless but very deadpan 4 minutes, Babajob introduces their team, their business model, and even their office dog, Berlin. The video shot by filmmaker Sukriti Tyagi is inspired by the works of Wes Anderson and it shows – its carefully-centered-in-frame protagonists speak blankly into the camera, and its carefully-centered-in-frame lettering is a bright yellow. The music and the mood is very reminiscent of the first season of Fargo, and all this culminates into a very heady cocktail.

We asked Ankit Mishra, Creative director at Babajob if the company was as quirky a place as it looks. “If anything, it’s quirkier”, he says. Jeez.