Graduate Who Got Job At Train Station Comes Back To Offer One

Fresh out of college, looking for job, tons of rejection and sleepless nights – we all have been there. So was Alfred Ajani. The 22 years old Marketing Graduate from Coventry University, England applied to more than 300 jobs since his graduation in May last year. But nothing worked out. When others in his shoes would probably give up, Ajani came up with a unique job hunting idea. He reached the Waterloo station, London in August last year and stood inside the station holding a sign with his qualifications written on them. He handed out his CV directly to people, in search of a job. His approach attracted many and soon he landed a job. A few months later he came back on the same spot with a different sign in hand.


Last January, Ajani, now works as the Marketing and PR Projects Manager at The Asoria Group, returned to the place that landed him the job with a sign that reads ‘Now Hiring’. “The director walked past me when he saw me that morning, but later got in contact through [the website] Linked In”, he told the Daily Mail.


In his present job, Ajani works towards helping the company expand. When he uploaded a photo of the act on Twitter, it gathered 2,568 retweets and received an overwhelming response.

“I didn’t expect to be so popular, such an inspiration,” he told The Huffington Post. “If I see anyone at the station with a sign I will do my best to get in touch with them.”

“Don’t be scared to try something new,” he advises other job-seekers, encouraging them to be creative while looking for employment . “Safe is risky.”