The Social Media Savvy Mumbai Police And Their Hilarious Puns

It’s not everyday you come across a government organization that’s friendly with the new age technology, leave alone being good at it. Talking about police in India conjures up images of middle aged men in Khakis, brandishing their Laathis about. Also, their reputation for engaging in some…under the table transactions doesn’t fail to precede them.

Now, after Bangalore’s much lauded, blackberry-clutching, social media friendly cops, enter the Mumbai police. Not only has the Mumbai police taken to Twitter like fish to water, by updating their 30,000 followers on local news, alerts and law and order issues diligently, but their hilarious take on social and criminal issues has been garnering them all the eyeballs. 

The hilarious (or sometimes creepy) tweets involve serious wordplay, complete with hashtags

( Though, after tweets like these, we wonder if they’re against the said drug, or on it!)

The twin accounts of the Mumbai police and CPMumbai police are not only coming up with some funny tweets but also creatives and contests that can give a brand a run for their social media budgets money.

They have even rolled out contests to engage with the public.

Now the question everyone’s begging to ask. Who are the people behind this social media firehouse the Mumbai police are?

A Mumbai based digital agency Trivone is mandated with the social media account of the police.  The team includes four professionals from private digital media agency Trivone, a former crime journalist and Commissioner of Police Ahmad Javed himself. “The police is often seen as rough and tough, but Mumbai city has a sense of humour, and the CP was always open to adding humour to the tweets,” said Sucharika Pandey, the crime journalist.

After changing how brands are created and enhanced on social media, looks like the medium has found its most prolific use case yet with the Mumbai police adopting it and how.