Top 15 Reasons These Indians Said They Hate Their Jobs For

Jobs and people have a love and hate relationship. You need them to earn your bread and live a respectable life, but at the same time, they can be your biggest enemies. Stress, lack of time for pursuing your passion, draconian office rules etc. can often make people hate their jobs.


While the reason to hate a job is highly subjective, there are some common triggers or patterns that establish some of the most common ones.

On a thread on social opinion website Reddit, people were asked why they hated their jobs, and these were the top reasons.


1. Downgraded to a job needing lower skills than the employee possesses.

“I have 6 years of experience in development. They have assigned me to a tier 2 support project. Managers act like class monitors. They are asking me to stay late in office and come on weekends. Guy I had replaced had absconded after 15 days. Other team member is in notice period. He had resigned after 2 months but company wants him to serve whole 3 month notice period. HR had threatened other guy in notice to complete work or they won’t give salary and relieving certificate.” 


2. Existence of sexism to curry favours with the higher ups. (2)

“I work in a famous company in IT. I am fed up with women doing sexual favours to managers to get their promotions and visas. My jaw dropped to floor when a girl who can’t even operate a photocopier got her visa and was sent to the US, just for being managers’ pet.”

3. Personal conscience conflicting with the needs of the job.

“I’m a doctor. I run the casualty department during the nights at the hospital in a small town. The job right now is pretty monotonous. It isn’t satisfying at all. Also, my salary kind of depends on how much money I can make the hospital, so a lot of times I admit patients and write in a shitload of tests for small ailments. That doesn’t feel good to do it because most of our patients are poor and uneducated. “

4. Non-payment and taking freelancers for granted.

“…some of the employers think that freelancers are “free labourers” instead, so they’ll agree to the terms like “yeah whatever” and then extracting cash from them after the job has been completed is like squeezing blood from a stone. The fact that legal proceedings against them go nowhere just adds to it.”

5. Corporatization in a startup.

corporate jargon ytd

“[The founders] are not very experienced and are extremely judgemental. They hire people saying they want creative minds and then expect them to work as a factory machine spewing “creative” and “out of the box” ideas every 5 mins. Saturdays are working and Sundays are spent in fretting going to work on a Monday. People are getting so demotivated around me that sometimes I feel like going to my bosses and asking them, they used to be such bright and energetic minds, and look what you did to them. The corporatization of creativity is the worst thing that can happen to an artist.”


6. Being a modern day slave in the IT sector.

“… I was was a developer for many years, and [now I work] in product. The problem with being a dev is you’re basically someone’s bitch (sic) Basically, everything Michael O’ Church said is 100% true. If you’re a dev and you don’t know who he is, look him up and read everything he writes. Guy is spot on.”

7. Lack of a fun work culture and perks.

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“I like my work per se, but it’s the company culture that sucks. It’s a 6yr old startup and a well-funded one at that, but it couldn’t be more different from your idea of a “bright, colourful, fun startup with booze parties every weekend”. The founders couldn’t care less about building a culture. The office is as bland as it gets, there’s not even a fucking microwave, leave alone any other perks or facilities. There’re no team bonding activities, trips or parties, and everyone just comes to work, does their thing and goes home. All of this leaves me so dissatisfied despite being in a well paid job. “


8. Unfavourable working environment, long working hours.

“I work at a software company and have a 6 day working week, no unpaid leaves for first year, minimal increments irrespective of work done, no flexi-timing, no overtime pay, HR warning emails every time you are more than 15 mins late, 3 times in row you get a half day [‘s leave) deducted, but even then are expected to work overtime, if needed!”


9. Draconian and old-fashioned office rules that kill productivity

Yes Sir

“I’ve been to (and heard of places from other artists) where the following were actual rules that were implemented in studios after a change in management (which ultimately led to constant turnover and so-called studios shutting down a few months later):

  • Formals only (Words cannot describe how stupid this is – the manager that implemented this rule came from the manufacturing industry, apparently – he thought people coming in their “tight jeans” was hampering their productivity)
  • No internet at desk, have to use one allotted system for all internet related material which was watched like a hawk (I know a studio in Hyderabad that operates like this – during lunchtime, people need to queue up to check their personal mail, and the computer is physically locked away inside a cabinet)
  • Nude images (which are vital for artists who are doing, for instance, organic modeling) were blocked because it is “shameful”.
  • No shoes inside the office.
  • Working hours were changed back to six days a week. (This move alone resulted in the top three artists in the firm to quit. The firm went bust a few months later because they couldn’t find a replacement for their salary points)                                


10 . Working on old-fashioned technology

“I was working with all the latest technologies for 6 years until I joined this company 3 years ago. I got an offer with more money and I jumped. 6 months into the new job, there is no work for me. I am just sitting there wasting my time. I wanted to switch then, but hoped that maybe something good will come along. 1 year into the job, I am working on backward ass technology which are no longer supported. I try to switch now, but my knowledge is now so degraded that I can’t pass interviews.”


11. Delay in payment of salary

“I started as a fresher in 2013. I joined a small firm where my role was in software development. Before joining I was told about company timings as 10am-6pm, but as I joined I was forced to stay from 9am-7pm. Somehow I compromised as I was a fresher and concentrated more on learning. I got even more tortured when owner of the firm delayed my salary for 15-20 days, every single month for 6 months”


12. Disdain for experience

“The whole startup mentality encourages a disdain of experience. I know of a couple people (VP level) who had a lot of experience and were hired by Flipkart and left soon because of this. For eg., A guy who got into IIM after doing bachelors would report to the experienced person. He would refuse to accept anything they said and insist that the analysis he did was right – even when it was obviously flawed or had been proven wrong. Multiple such instances have caused experienced hires to move on. There is a point up to which arrogance and being able to do new things will help, but then at a certain point, experience also helps. They haven’t found that point yet and afaik, it is hurting them.”

13. Horrible Boss

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“My manager was the kind of manager people warned you about. She was horrible. Some of the highlights of the things she did while I was there: 

  • Completely and shameless biased. She favoured two people over others and wasn’t afraid to show it. She gave them gift cards (pre-paid credit cards given for top performance per month) even though they worked average hours whereas others in her team put in 45-55 hours a week
  • Complete disregard for her employees work life balance, will randomly text on a weekend night saying that I need to login. If you don’t do it that weekend, she is cold towards you for a week or so
  • Will randomly work from home. These are some of her excuses. I have friends coming over this weekend so to prep for that I am working from home.
  • 2-3 hour lunch breaks. Extremely loud and unpleasant personality. People around her didn’t like her. Would openly make jokes with sexual innuendo.
  • I was supposed to go to a client site in another country and was a long term assignment. Since I am applying for immigration and other things I couldn’t go. Instead of sending another Analyst, she .. a people manager went there for a month or so and did nothing. The project manager and an another employee told me that her trip was a paid vacation.
  • Gossips about others. Will bitch about anyone younger than her getting promoted.
  • Bred negativity. Screamed at everyone in her team and then say..this is my nature and I’m a straightforward person.
  • When I finally quit, she didn’t talk to me for my whole notice period. She being my manager didn’t come for a single lunch of mine (was pretty popular..had 4 lunches by different teams)
  • I was training to become a consultant. The director of that team wanted me to join and was going to fast track my promotion. She pulled me into a room and said “Not going to happen, there is a process and timeline and I need you in my team. So please don’t expect to get promoted anytime soon”. 


14.  Lack of opposite sex for company

“No grils :(“ [girls]

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