Vijay Mallya’s Hackers Have Released An Astonishing Array Of His Personal Documents

Vijay Mallya’s Twitter account was hacked today morning.

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Unlike the Rahul Gandhi hack, in which hackers had merely shared abusive tweets, this time the hackers immediately released a cache of personal documents belonging to Vijay Mallya. And the documents conclusively prove that the hackers did indeed have access to Mallya’s emails and other personal accounts.

One of the items within the dump is a picture of Vijay Mallya’s UK Residence Permit. It was issued in September 2015, and is valid until 2024.

vijay mallya leaked documents


The dump also had a copy of his temporary Indian passport, issued in February 2016 and valid only till December 2016.

vijay mallya leaked documents

Hackers have also shared the statements of his personal credit card, which has details of all transactions he’d made. They include lots of flights tickets, shopping at upscale stores such as Bloomingdales, a donation to Hillary for America, and even iTunes payments.

vijay mallya leaked documents


The documents also reveal a list of Mallya’s cars.

There is also a long list of jewelry owned by Mrs. Vijay Mallya.

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And, expectedly, there’s a long list of dues. There’s a file called random dues, which has emails from people asking Vijay Mallya to settle their bills.

vijay mallya hacked documents