Famous Companies Founded by IIT Bombay Alumni

The hallowed walls of IIT create dreams for students. But for some, it’s the first step to conquer the world. From CEOs and scientists to successful entrepreneurs, IIT alumni have inspired generations to come. Some make their mark in their niche sector, while others venture into fields unknown and emerge as success stories to covet for.

Here we have listed some of the major startups founded by IIT Bombay alumni. Read on to get inspired and dare to dream like they did.

Famous Startups And Companies Founded By IIM A Alumni

We have endured decades of stereotypes when it comes to career. We could either be engineers or doctors. We were sent to study conventional subjects to take conventional paths and lead a secured life. But there was a silent revolution fuming inside our generation that compelled trained many engineers and MBAs leave the comfort of regular paychecks and sail out as entrepreneurs instead. It was this same sense of non-conformity that led these IIM Ahmadabad graduates to launch startups with calculated risks instead of continuing with corporate jobs.

Here’s a list of some famous companies founded by IIM-A alumni.