4 Unexpected Learnings From My Internship At A Startup

Having interned with two PSU’s earlier, I knew that an internship at a startup would be a different & unique experience, one that I was very eager to begin. While writing this, I realized how time flies, with my internship culminating soon. While sitting in my cubicle and mentally turning the pages of my internship journal, I reflect – It has certainly been the most productive summer vacation for me! Every form of positive learning I have come across since this internship commenced, is still fresh in my mind.

Here are the four positive unexpected learnings that have helped me find a better version of myself and continue to do so:

Neighbourhood Chat Platform Belong Documents Day At Startup

Bangalore based neighbourhood chat app startup Belong (Earlier, Hey Neighbour) started a fun experiment called StartupDiary to document a day at a startup. They figured that their story wasn’t a one off, and a lot of other startups could relate with the same. So, they decided to share it with us. “Contrary to popular beliefs , a startup isn’t a bed of roses. If you’re associated with one, you probably know that already. Here’s to all the startups around us.”, says the team at Belong.

How We Are Building EduRev

EduRev, which means Education Revolution, is more of a vision than an idea. EduRev began with the motive of bringing tech into the tech-deprived Indian education and revolutionizing it in this manner.

Ex-Infosys Veteran Shares 10 Insights From 25 Year Long Career

I have just resigned my job after ~25 years of service at Infosys in pursuit of a job in CSR field or in non-profit sector or to start a social enterprise or a start-up. I had sent a farewell message internally with details of 25 year exciting journey from a trainee to an executive who managed more than USD 150 mn revenues and 1700+ people. Along with that, I have also added top 10 insights/learnings during my tenure at Infosys.